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Get Fired Up

The Juggler

This week we want to introduce you to another member of the All-Girl Cheer squad. Your cheerleaders do so much that we never see. Oh yes they show up at pep rallies, bell ringing practice and games. We don’t see the hours of workouts, running, night time practices, part-time jobs and long hours of studying. Hey everyone, these are some dedicated young ladies.

Miss Bailey Henry celebrates her birthday now as a sophomore at Miss. State in May as the dreaded finals and spring semester ends. What more could a college student want for their birthday?

Bailey comes to us from her hometown of Sumrall, MS and Sumrall High School (The Bobcats!). Now Sumrall is a really pretty country town just southwest of Hattiesburg. Any young lady from there would have to fit the old adage of being “a country girl”. This little country girl cheered all through high school then spent a year over at “Scooba Tech” (EMCC) cheering before finding her way to State and gosh, we are glad she did!

Bailey is majoring in Kinesiology and plans to enter PT school upon earning her first diploma. Bailey stresses that her entire family has been so supportive of her through each step of her young life constantly encouraging her and giving her great advice each time she reached another turn in the road. Bailey is just beginning to build those lifetime memories that we each have. She is another “newbie” to the campus that we all fondly remember as our home away from home. The place we grew up at. So thus far, making the cheer team and developing those friendships with the others that she practices with and cheers with is her favorite memory. There will be many more I assure you Bailey.

Anyone who knows me would tell you I try to always laugh at life and tell lots of jokes. When I learned of Bailey’s special talent I was reminded of a joke and decided to share it here with you before closing. Now in no way does this reflect upon Bailey except that Bailey has learned the art of juggling. I would love to see her practice her skill of juggling but please remember that when you see Bailey on the sideline with her teammates she is there to inspire us and help us to “Get Fired Up”. Maybe she will juggle a little bit before or after the game if someone asks?????

........A man was driving one night and was distracting some resulting in a little bit of erratic driving. Of course he passes by a police cruiser who sees him swerve and thinks, “OK, I got another one”. The officer pulls the man over, walks up to his car and sees several shiny and sharp machetes on the seat by him. He asks the man if he had been drinking, to which he said, “no sir”. The policeman of course doesn’t really believe him as he asks him what is he doing with all of those machetes on the seat. The man replies “Oh I’m a juggler”. The policeman snickers “Oh really? Well why don’t you step out here, bring those with you and juggle for me sir.” The man does what he is told and begins with juggling 2 machetes, then he increases to 3, then 4, then begins to throw them behind his back and spinning around as he eventually builds up to 7 machetes. The policeman is in awe realizing the man has been truthful with him. Before the juggler stops another gentleman who has been sipping a few “cold ones” drives by with his wife. As he drives by he tells his wife “OK honey, (beelch) I have to quit drinking and driving (beelch) as he points to the juggler bending down, spinning around and throwing up the machetes as he juggled all of them. “Look at (beelch) what they make you do now (beelch) when they stop you!”

Bailey invites you to follow her with:

Instagram: baileyhenry1

Thanks Bailey for all you and your team do for us. GO DAWGS!!!!!