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5 Takeaways: Dawgs Sink the Bucs

NCAA Football: Charleston Southern at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

A certain nervousness might have filled the air before the game Saturday... visions of last season’s opener may have lingered in the minds of most fans. The Bucs started off well... they won the opening coin toss. And that was about it. 1 minute into the game, Fitz was salutin’ in the end zone. The Bucs got sank, we found treasure, and we have a map for the future. Bad jokes aside... here are the takeaways from the game.

#1: This man is ALREADY a Campus Legend.

Dallas Cowboys 2009 Headshots

Oh, Grantham. Oh, how we love thee! While the argument could be that it was just Charleston Southern, it still should be noted that they only allowed 33 TOTAL yards. It wasn’t even necessarily the yards allowed. It was the attitude that the defense carried the entire game that showed the power of the great defensive coordinator. Even if it was the backups or when the game became a rout, the defense still had this swagger about them. It was night and day difference, and if that doesn’t excite you, then you are probably Nick Saban or Eor. The speed and quickness in the secondary is great news for a secondary that has been dreadful for a number of years. If the defense keeps building on this performance, this is a top defense in the SEC. Mark my words.

#2: The kicking game is still... well... cringe.

All the hype around Tucker Day... and to say it nicely, he looked like a Bulldog kicker. It was one of the few disappointments of the game. While he did make 100% of his extra points, which a year ago wasn’t certain, he went 1-3 on the real deal. 1-3. He did make a 40 yarder, which is positive. And he is only a true freshman. We can only hold our hope on that.

#3: Those running backs, they can run.

This might potentially be one of the deepest backfields in history. There is 4 viable guys in that backfield. Two of them had touchdowns, and 3 had 40+ yards. This makes the offense much more dynamic, helps with the offensive line, and Nick Fitzgerald has less pressure on his shoulders. Charleston Southern or not, the offense was a well-oiled machine. Two years from now, Kylin Hill is a name we will all know.

#4: Always Run, Never Pass.

You had to know it was coming. 4 backs, 2 quarterbacks running all over the SEC. The backfield is looking good. Hey, @CoachDanMullen #AlwaysRunNeverPass. Alright, enough of this.

#5: Nick could have an air guitar band.

Mop up duty leads to gems like this. Nick is golden, The Egg Bowl is golden. Starkvegas is lucky to have both. The Dawgs are undefeated, so Don't Stop Believin’ friends. This long season is going to be a Journey and one I look 4thward to. These jokes will give you Fitz... until next week, dawg.