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SEC Power Rankings Week 2

Stacking up the SEC from 1 to 14 after one week of play.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One week of games have come and gone in the SEC. We have a slightly better picture of what each team is in the SEC, but the image is still pretty murky.

For now, here is how I am putting the SEC from top to bottom.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (Last Week: 1)

The Tide looked pretty average on offense, but with their defense, it doesn’t really matter.

#2 LSU Tigers (Last Week: 5)

Is LSU good enough to be #2? I don’t think so, but they looked really good against BYU. I tend to think BYU is going to be in for a long season, but it was still an impressive win.

#3 South Carolina Gamecocks (Last Week: 9)

Jake Bentley could be a star in this league. He tore what is supposed to be a really good NC State defense to pieces.

#4 Georgia Bulldogs (Last Week: #3)

I don’t know how serious Eason’s injury was on Saturday. If it’s bad and he has to miss significant time, I don’t like Georgia to have much success in 2017. They’re going down a spot has nothing to do with that. It is simply because South Carolina made such a big jump.

#5 Auburn Tigers (Last Week: #4)

They weren’t as impressive as I thought they would be in their opener but it was still never in doubt. Again, only going down because South Carolina went up so much.

#6 Mississippi St. Bulldogs (Last Week: #6)

The defense impressed us all. But this week is the first real challenge when they take on a high powered offense in LA Tech. We’ll see if they are for real on Saturday.

#7 Tennessee Volunteers (Last Week: #8)

Tennessee played late on Monday night, and I didn’t stay up to watch it. A one point victory over an at best average Georgia Tech team in double overtime doesn’t sound very inspiring. But Georgia Tech is a Power 5 school, so I’ll bump them up a little bit.

#8 Kentucky Wildcats (Last Week: #7)

A good win over a Southern Miss team I don’t know what to make of. Eight sounds about right.

#9 Florida Gators (Last Week: #2)

Maybe they’ll actually have an offense when they get all of their players back, but it’s amazing that the Florida Gators continue to look inept on offense.

#10 Arkansas Razorbacks (Last Week: #10)

Beat a bad Florida A&M team. Nothing to make you move up or down.

#11 Vanderbilt Commodores (Last Week: #12)

They did about what I thought they would do against a Group of 5 team.

#12 Missouri Tigers (Last Week: #13)

Missouri can score some points, but they can give up some points as well. Will be a long season if they don’t fix that defense.

#13 Ole Miss Rebels (Last Week: #14)

Everything I said about Missouri applies to the Ole Miss Rebels as well.

#14 Texas A&M Aggies (Last Week: #11)


(Takes Deep Breath...)


That’s this week’s power rankings. Come back next week to see if they’ve changed.