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The Wednesday Whatever: Mississippi State’s Defense Might Actually Be Really Good

NCAA Football: Charleston Southern at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports


College football lives! It’s here! It’s great! MSU is still undefeated! And you can still help Hurricane Harvey victims. So, let’s continue to do some good. Especially as Florida braces for Hurricane Irma. They might just need some help soon too.


Of course, this could be an overreaction. We all have to acknowledge the fact that MSU did just play an FCS opponent, albeit one that scored over 30 points per game a year ago and would average over 400 yards per game. And they brought back their quarterback. And their best receiver. Still, it might be an overreaction.

Orrrrr... MSU could potentially field one of the five best defenses in the SEC a year after fielding one of the worst defenses in the nation. See, the Bulldogs simply manhandled Charleston Southern’s offense all of Saturday. Especially so on the line of scrimmage. The Buccaneers simply were not up to the task of fending off Mississippi State’s front seven.

And that kept the Buccaneers from ever crossing the 50 yard line.

I’m sure this is something that has been discussed at length by your favorite MSU sports blogger or podcaster or radio guy or podcast radio guy or whatever, but it’s something that truly deserves all of the attention that it’s receiving.

State’s defense was far more intense and physical than we ever saw a year ago. And that could lead to a very successful year for Dan Mullen’s team. If MSU is not solely reliant upon Nick Fitzgerald and the offense to win games this season, bowl eligibility shouldn’t be a concern at all as it was a year ago. Heck, 9 regular season wins isn’t out of the realm of realistic endings at all.

The Bulldogs could have a good year, especially if their defense continues to play as it did.

Texas A&M’s Struggles on Saturday Were A Microcosm of the Last Three Years Under Kevin Sumlin

You want to do a case study in a team underperforming in relation to the sheer amount of talent that it has and being out-coached in the second half of something? You can look at the second half of each of Texas A&M’s last three football seasons where they finished 8-5 each year.

Or you can look directly at how they blew a 34 point second half lead to UCLA and absolutely choked away what looked to be a promising start to the season. That loss is causing Texas A&M Board of Regents members to openly call for the firing of Kevin Sumlin, on facebook of all mediums.

Screenshot via Good Bull Hunting

This is not the start that Kevin Sumlin wanted. Especially after coming into the season already on the hot seat. If A&M can’t turn things around quickly, Sumlin will be doing some job searching fairly soon.

Which, for what it’s worth Kevin, I’m doing some job searching too. Granted, I graduate in December and am trying to pay bills and stuff and make a living.

You’re going to get a couple more millions in your pocket, right? Your job search is more fun than mine.