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T-DAWG’s Winners

This Week’s SEC Predictions

Another look at Mississippi State's 2016 Egg Bowl Win over TSUN

Well maybe with the SEC playing all non-conference games made it easy in some ways but still I am kind of proud of predicting 13 out of 14 winners correctly last week. I had it perfect until Tennessee found some leftover pixie dust and came back against the Yellow Jackets. The end reminded me of the Titans Super Bowl loss a few years ago with one yard short as they went for the 2-point conversion but fell short.

I really enjoyed my weekend at the old home place (Starkville) while seeing some old friends, meeting some of the cheerleaders and their coach Melissa Nichols. I also made some new friends at the world-class tailgate party Saturday morning. I want to give a special shout-out to JoAnn and David Buchanan who sat up and supervised the “Function at the Junction” tent. The Buchanans are from Madison, MS. They greeted me and tore my arm half off to get me to come in and share all the food that they had along with with many of their friends from Madison. Dave and JoAnn, thank you for your hospitality “Mississippi State style”. I will drop by to see you again soon.

It was a wonderful weekend including the spirit-filled DAWG WALK with the cheerleaders and the band performing magnificently. We are nothing without them keeping us “Spirit-Filled”.

Now for this week’s games:

Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky — Stoop’s troops marched into Hattiesburg and made it out before the ammunition gave out. This week a bus load of Colonels pitch their camp in Lexington as they lick their wounds after losing to Western Ky 31-17 last week. The Bluegrass Boys won’t give them time to bind their wounds before they make the hurt much worse and escort the Colonels out of town with their heads hanging. Stoop’s Troops see that they have a real shot at the SEC East and turn it on this week.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Kentucky 45 - 7

UT Martin @ TSUN — The Black Bears are running wild in the streets as long as they can. Hard times are a coming (in many ways) but the party in “The Grove” goes on another week at least. UT Martin’s Skyhawks fed on the Eagles of Clarion (the who? the what?) last week before they look to gang up on a wounded bear in Oxford Saturday. Wounded or not the Skyhawks are no match for TSUN. The whiskey will flow freely and by the time this one is over the Black Bears will have feather residue all over them and the species may become extinct Saturday. Shea Patterson will have footballs flying like bullets.

T-DAWG’s Winner: TSUN 52 - 17

Fresno St. @ Alabama —- Please try to contain the laughter but Fresno comes in after plucking the Cardinals of Incarnate Word (I said STOP Laughing). STOP LAUGHING!!! I don’t see Alabama struggling with these toothless Bulldogs even if they keep falling down laughing (Incarnate Word?). I think this game can do Saban’s Pachyderms more harm than good since it will take a supreme effort just to keep from laughing (Incarnate Word?). Saban will be playing the walk-ons by halftime while he goes to film another commercial to show he can judge more than the value of a dress for a girl. No one falls to sleep here because they can’t quit laughing (Incarnate Word?). Forgive me Lord.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Alabama 59 - 7

TCU @ Arkansas — TCU leap frogs into town looking for more water to kerplop into while waiting for more flies to land on the dead Tigers of Jackson St. who succumbed to TCU 63 - 0 last week. The Hogs munched on the Horned Frogs in Ft. Worth last year 41-38 and I don’t see a much brighter day for TCU this Saturday. Bret has his “Porkers” gaining strength and momentum before they go visit Texas A&M next week. TCU will put up a fight and the HOGS may be looking ahead some but still will run over TCU like a frog in the road.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Arkansas 45 - 30

Indiana St. @ Tennessee — The Sycamores look to put down some roots in Neyland Stadium after losing to Eastern Illinois last week 22-20. Butch Jones’ Volunteers are hoping not to have to run like they did Monday night getting away from them Yellow-Jackets in Atlanta. Old Smokey seemed to wake up and hunt a little harder in the 2nd half against Tech and having some leftover “Pixie-Dust” didn’t hurt either. Now I don’t know how Smokey is going to tree a tree but somehow they find a way to do just that until the Volunteers with him chop the tree down and make lumber for the house.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Tennessee 51 - 6

Alabama A&M @ Vanderbilt — The Commodores picked up anchor in Murfreesboro after dispatching MTSU. Now they welcome a pack of Bulldogs into their Nashville houseboat on the pretense that they want to console A&M after they dropped their season opener to UAB last week 38 - 7. When the boat pushes away from the dock with the Bulldogs on board they will quickly find the kool-aid had a sedative in it and the Commodore’s crew is about to euthanize most of them since they so have little fight in them. . Vandy also sees the SEC East door wide open waiting for someone new to make a play for control. The Commodores will have all the cannons firing smoothly against the Bulldogs Saturday afternoon.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Vanderbilt 48 - 0

South Carolina @ Missouri — The Gamecocks come into a town with a familiar name, Columbia, but it is in another state and although the guests did invite them to dinner it wasn’t to eat but to be eaten. The Tigers had a knock-down drag out last week beating MO.ST. 72 - 43. Now yes the Tigers had plenty of juice to score at will against inferior competition they didn’t have anything to stop the bleeding on defense. Jake Bentley showed he had what it takes in Raleigh last weekend as they downed N.C. St. Now their first chance to seize control of the SEC East comes into view and Bentley won’t it slip from their grasp. The Gamecocks have some serious spurs to wound the Tigers with before they get what they came calling for.

T-DAWG’s Winner: South Carolina 37 - 20

Nichols @ Texas A&M — The Colonels squeaked one out against McNeese St 37-35 last week while the Aggies had an epic collapse in Hollywood. Sumlin slipped onto the plane heading home before it left without him. Now he will try to make a whipping boy out of Nichols to show his muscles. Now yes A&M has a ton more talent but it is a question of heart in College Station. The boys in maroon should work out some frustration before a bunch of hungry Hogs come calling next week. They better find it before the hole gets any deeper but I don’t think you can fix weak-minded in 2 weeks.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Texas A&M 45 - 20

Clemson wiped the floor with the Flashes of Kent St. last week while Auburn had a ho-hummer over Ga. St 41 - 7. This will be a strong test for War Eagle and you have to believe that Clemson is drooling waiting for the roast to begin. Jarrett Stidham wasn’t impressive at all last week and Clemson will throw everything at him. Still I think it will be close for awhile anyway but Clemson will pull away late as Malzahn plays every quarterback he has in desperation but it won’t help.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Clemson 34 - 21

Northern Colorado @ Florida — The UNCO Bears beat up The College of Idaho Yotes (wait what? do teams like that really exist?) 41 - 14. Now I really think the Gators can win this one provided they have enough players to avoid a forfeit. Feleipe Franks will start again for the Gators after All-World Malik Zaire came in last week and did squat. The Gators are really hurting because of culture which has plagued Gainesville for years now. I know they have a great AD and maybe this gets cleaned up this year but the Swamp is nearly drained. Still this should be a little relief before Irma hits. Prayers for all of Florida during this coming storm.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Florida 38 - 12

Georgia @ Notre Dame — Georgia is another team searching for a quarterback. Unless the OL takes control of the game I’m not sure how this turns out. If they do then Georgia may win going away. Brian Kelley is fighting for his job and will push the Irish as hard as he can. Georgia is really an unknown right now and lets hope they stay that way for 3 more weeks. If Georgia can’t throw effectively then Notre Dame will load the box to stop the the two stud running backs.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Georgia 40 - 28

Chattanooga @ LSU — Nick Tiano leads his Moccassins into Death Valley at night after they dropped the game last week to Jax St. 27 - 13. Tiano played pretty well but the lack of a running game did them in. Orgeron has every announcer on television copying his gruff voice like it was Saturday night live. There will be no doubt to who the real team is Saturday night and Nick may need a truck load of ice after the game. Tiano’s Mocs leave Baton Rouge defanged.

T-DAWG’s Winner: LSU - 56 - 17

Miss. St. @ La. Tech — The Tech Bulldogs chewed on NW. St. last week 52 - 24. This week the REAL DAWGS take over Ruston and give the red and blue Bulldogs a whipping just because they remind them of TSUN. No really it is just because they are “NEXT”. Our DAWGS should keep it rolling while playing vanilla football but playing it with an attitude that is reminiscent of 2014. The same kind of run seems to maybe be setting up at least we hope. Take care of this week and 3 teams in the top 12 are waiting for battle. Fitzpatrick gets his groove on again then works on his voice tryouts for “The Voice” while the freshman comes in to work on his game in the second half. LSU is looming ahead but Grantham’s swarming DAWG-PACK puts it away with a couple of pick 6’s just for fun.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Mississippi State 44 - 0 (Yeah 2 shutouts in two weeks)

Lets hope there are a lot more end zone celebrations over the next month although Fred Ross will only be there in spirit.

Who Let Them DAWGS Out......