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The Piano Player

If you are like me it was great to be part of the excitement of a home game again. A huge part of the excitement that is created is by our spirit groups both before “DAWG Walk”, during and then after inside the stadium at the game. These young ladies and gentlemen sacrifice and practice when they are tired and sleepy because of the pride they have in being the best they can be as they represent the spirit of Miss. State. We need to support them in every way possible.

This week we want to introduce you to a young lady who cheers her heart out and yet can tickle the ivory keys of a piano with pure elegance. Her name is Alana Branch and she comes to State from Memphis, TN. Alana graduated from Germantown High School before deciding to grace us with her many talents. She is a nineteen year old sophomore majoring in Kinesiology.

At the age of 5 Alana began at Memphis Elite in the All Star Cheer program. With the constant support of her parents she continued in the program until she was 15. At that point she changed to switched to Gymtyme All Stars in Louisville, KY. This required a deep commitment from Alana and her parents as her new gym was a five hour drive, one way every weekend.

Alana was now finished with high school and wanted to take on new challenges. Alana decide to try out for the spirit squads with Miss. State. Of course she made the cut and is now one of your All-Girl Cheer squad members for football and basketball.

Alana says that her parents have been the biggest influence on her life because of the dedication they showed in helping her to achieve each and every dream she has had. Her parents also refused to let Alana settle for anything except her very best. Those are qualities instilled in Alana’s character that will ensure success for her all her life in whatever she does.

Her best memory so far at State is being a part of something we would all love to lay claim to, that is being part of the lifetime experience as our Lady Dawgs defeated UConn. That is a memory we all will thrill in but for those who were there, I can only imagine how they feel even now.

After graduation Alana plans to enter graduate school where she will devote herself to becoming a Pediatric Physical Therapist. I have no doubt that Alana will be a success at her goal of working in pediatrics or anything else she makes up her mind to do because that is what she is all about, work, commitment and success. So when Orgeron brings his purple and gold clan to town next week look for Alana and friends and follow her lead as she stirs our passion to “Get Fired Up”.

Alana invites you to follow her at:

Twitter: @gotaluvme_alana

Snap chat or other: ambranch98

Instagram: alana__marie