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Setting the Tone

It may be Week 2 already, but we all know when the real season starts.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This Saturday, Louisiana Tech might be the opponent, but do not be fooled, my friend. Saturday is about setting the the tone for LSU, and more importantly, the rest of the season. I don't care what Dan Mullen, the players or anyone else says about focusing on one game at a time. Nah, get that out of here.

Last week this team hung 49 on Charleston Southern like it was another day at The Farm. The defense? Showed up and didn't allow but a measly 33 yards. I don't know about those of you that might be big stats fans but that comes out to about 0.7 yards per play allowed by defensive mastermind Todd Grantham and Co.

Louisiana Tech is not a bad football team by any means. They played in their conference championship game last season and even took down Navy in a bowl game. But, my friends, I tell you, MSU is not going to Ruston, Louisiana because we have a heated rivalry with our red and blue counterparts. They are not going to Ruston, Louisiana because it will help our FPI and shoot us into the Top 25. No, MSU is going to Ruston, Louisiana to pass the time, hopefully collect our second win, and set the tone for the real beginning of the season: September 16th in Starkville.

LSU can be the game that shifts this season into overdrive, the narrative is the same year after year. Bulldog fans hopes and dreams perennially ebb and flow with the outcome of that game. Win and you're sitting pretty, on pace to contend for a West title and a warm bowl location. Lose and say hello to the bottom half of the division. Again.

It's not math, physics or existential philosophy, it's the honest truth. You know it as well as I, whether you want to believe it or not. I understand your desire for players not to become complacent and look past their opponents. But, I do not play for Mississippi State football so I do not subscribe to this school of thought. And if you think this post might persuade the team to take Saturday easy, thank you, but you think way too highly about this site because I can personally guarantee you that not a single MSU player will read this. If I am wrong and you are a Bulldog reading this, please tweet me and share your thoughts, I’d love to blog about them with you.

Maroon and White Bulldogs -8 in Ruston. Cover that spread, Dawgs.