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A Minor League Baseball Team in California Wants to Build America’s Biggest Cowbell

I say we go to war over Cowbells. It’s very reasonable.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Auburn at Mississippi State

Mississippi State and Cowbells are inseparable. Cowbells are part of the brand. Just like maroon and cheese and other great things. Cowbells are ours. We even have an official cowbell. I’ve seen tailgaters drink beer out of their cowbells before stumbling through the gates at a football game.

And now, some minor league baseball team in California apparently wants to claim some cowbell fame.

That’s right, the Visalia Rawhides of Visalia, California want to build America’s biggest cowbell.

From their official press release:

“We continue to generate great support from this community, and we thought that it would be in line with true Visalia fashion to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Rawhide by constructing a five-foot-tall cowbell - another nod to the dairy and agriculture industry which our county hangs its hat on,” said Rawhide President Tom Seidler. “We hope that our fans and the local community will enjoy the celebration as much as we will during the 2018 season.

I respect the nod to dairy and the agriculture industries. *Extreme Stephen A. Smith Voice*HOWEVER. If you ask me, that’s a declaration of war.

I say we let them build their cowbell. And in turn, we build an even bigger one. I, personally, like this idea. They build a five-foot-tall cowbell or an eight-foot-tall cowbell. We respond by multiplying five times eight and build a FORTY-FOOT-TALL COWBELL.

Let this minor league baseball team attempt to build a brand around cowbells. Let’s just one up them in every way possible. This is clearly the move of a team that wants to claim fame because their baseball stadium is significantly smaller than Mississippi State’s.

(I mean, that’s a fraction of the size of the old Dude, let alone what the new Dudy Noble field will be able to hold).