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Jeffery Simmons Made the Right Choice In Mississippi State

Jeffery Simmons made the right decision to stay... Now what will he do in the upcoming 2018 season?

Mississippi State v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In 2016 Mississippi State signed a solid recruiting class along with its first five star recruit, Jeffery Simmons. A product of Macon Mississippi, Simmons was the number one recruit from the state of Mississippi and considered a top ten recruit nationally by 247 Sports. The 6 foot 4 inch 301 pound defensive end had all the tools needed to provide an instant impact on the Mississippi state defensive line. Recruited by several power five programs to include Alabama, Auburn, and LSU, Simmons selected State to be the place he would continue his football career a decision that has proved to be a very smart one.

Being rated as a five star athlete in football is no easy feat which on average is about 29 football recruits each year since its conception in 2002. The common thought by the masses is that most five star athletes go to schools that carry what some call an elite status or a reputation of championships and for the most part this is true. Simmons on the other hand, knew that many of those programs had more five star recruits setting the bench waiting for a chance to play compared to other notable programs that could use his ability right away.

During the 2016 recruiting cycle, Simmons looked beyond a programs status and looked for the school that was the best fit for him to not only preform but also to show case his ability at the next level. This is one aspect of the selection process that does not revolve around a programs status but yet performance on the field for which you must be playing to achieve. A strong look at Mississippi State showed all that was needed for Simmons to realize that playing for the Bulldogs provided all the ingredients needed to be successful. A quick look at the program during the 2016 recruiting cycle showed the potential of the bulldog program.

At the end of the 2015 football season MSU’s football program had seen six straight bowl appearances to include the Orange Bowl a New Year six selection and the first program to be ranked number one in the nation by the college football playoff selection committee in 2014. Mississippi state remained number one for five straight week that year and ended the season ranked 11th in the nation. To put it straight, the Bulldogs were on the rise and still are today.

Ten years ago, Mississippi State football was considered a speed bump in the SEC West. Most teams considered games against the Bulldogs to be an easy victory and over looked them as a true competitor. However, by the 2015 season opponents were just praying that they did not have to play on the road in Starkville. Playing on the road has always been a disadvantage to opposing teams but in Davis Wade Stadium disadvantage takes on a new meaning. The Bulldog fans are the best in college football and love their Dawgs with passion, add in a dose of 80,000 cowbells and you have the most unique atmosphere in college football. Take it from me there is nothing like a Saturday night with a packed house in Stark Vegas.

This is why Jeffery Simmons signed with the Bulldogs back in 2016 and has never looked back. In two seasons Simmons has been voted too back to back All SEC HONORS, and is considered one of the top defensive linemen in the country. Currently Simmons is predicted to be a top ten first round draft pick in 2020. He will be a junior in 2018 and could declare as early as 2019 NFL Draft where he will most likely be a top five defensive linemen. Jeffery Simmons made his selection in 2016 and went with the Bulldogs and it was the right decision. Can’t wait to see the havoc he brings in 2018.