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Dawgs to Claim 2017 National Championship

MSU, along with UCF, will claim a championship in 2017.

@State_fb (John Swinney)

It is a crazy year in college football. After the University of Central Florida named themselves the 2017 National Champs, I took to review our season. My findings are shocking...

It is hard to wrap your head around, and that is understandable... but times are changing in College Football. The playoff system has been voided, and now beating teams who have beat the finalist makes you a champion! So after smacking LSU... we did it. LSU beat Auburn and Auburn beat both finalist. So get the banner hung and the party starts now. It is time to celebrate Starkvegas! I wonder if Coach Mo will pass out more cheese fries?

The only question left now is... where are we holding the parade?

Special thanks to John Swinney for the great graphic.