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MBB Attendance: Time to fill the seats

It’s time for Mississippi State fans to show up.

Dennis Adair

What does the term “Support” mean to you? Does it mean yelling at the TV while your team is playing? Does it mean telling your friends and family at a rival school that your team is better than their team? OR does it mean to provide monetarily to your team and watch them from the purchased chair back seat. The term support can mean all different types of things depending on what stage of life you are currently in. Personally when i hear support, I think of child support and i squirm. Today we are not talking about the large sum of money I provide to my ex for the less than par education my kids receive in small town Mississippi. We are talking about what it means to support the MSU Basketball teams.

The Hump

As a student at MSU during the Stansbury years, I remember standing outside the hump 3 hours before tip off in hopes to get tickets to watch MSU take on a couple decent basketball players like Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Corey Brewer, and about 3 others that you will find playing regularly in the NBA. The attendance was almost always at its max, and the Hump was considered one of the toughest places to travel to and play a basketball game.

We as a fan base demand so much out of MSU Athletics and with the recent success in football and baseball, we have been spoiled. Nearly every football game is a sellout and breaking attendance records in baseball happens several times a year. Now MSU Basketball is in need of Stanbury type attendance. The kind that makes opposing teams cringe when they know they are coming to Starkville. The yelling, singing, and trash talking made the Hump a great place to watch a basketball game. We have the talent on the roster, we have the proven winning coach and staff to make our team very competitive, even against the best of the best. The biggest difference right now between our team and the other top tier teams is that we only fill 14 of our seats. Show our team and staff that we care, show potential blue chip recruits how exciting MSU basketball can be, and most of all, show that we fully support the kids and coaches who work so hard to give us fans a great product on the court.

We are currently 13-1 (1-0) and are boasting the best start in a long time. We face our in-state rival this Saturday on the road and then travel to Gainesville to take on the Gators. Our next home game is January 13 against a very tough Auburn squad and our team will need a packed arena and full support from our Fanbase (and most importantly students) to pull out the victory. So we are calling all MSU fans, from the message board hero who is never satisfied, to the ultimate team supporter to pack the Hump on January 13th. Show the world that, not only do we have a great team, but we also still have a great and supportive fan base who cares deeply about the success of MSU basketball.