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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 7)

Week 7 Prognostications

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

I want to admit that I was struggling with where we were at as an offense before this past week. It honestly wasn’t a matter of not believing in our team but it was a matter of needing to see our new leadership make changes that would utilize our talent in ways they could produce. We’re not cured but at least I can feel like meaningful treatment has begun and the offense does look healthier. I got to hear Coach Moorhead accept responsibility and work with his staff to plan and execute changes to help the offense fit his (our) players and talent. I want to say, thank you Coach “Mo” for you being “coachable” just as you encourage our players to be. You earned my respect by adapting your approach.

We are a work in progress.

Thank You.

This Week’s Picks:

#14 Florida Gators @ Vanderbilt Commodores – Coach Mason’s black and gold navy took multiple broadside shots in Athens last week with several left burning in the harbor while the other ships limped back to Nashville. The Commodores are trying to repair the massive holes in the ships’ hulls before the waters around Nashville become infested with Gators.

Mullet-head has his green lizards thrashing around wildly looking for their next meal. Feleipe will be playing toss with others treading water waiting for Commodores to fall overboard. Mason’s sailors will be carefully watching their steps to avoid falling prey to the scaly reptiles. This could be a trap game for Mullet-head if he is true to form.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 31 – 20

Tennessee Volunteers @ #21 Auburn Tigers – Gus’s bus pulled up lame just short of the Miss. State line. The team found an alternative method to get back to Auburn while Gus was last seen walking on Hwy 82 east with his thumb out. Rumors have it that lots of cars with Alabama license plates blew their horns at Gus but nobody stopped. The bus is being repaired before a trip back to Mississippi next week. For now though Pruitt’s Volunteer riflemen are massing on the outskirts of Auburn. The Plainsmen should able to repel the dis-organized orange-clad brigade and that’s good. If Gus sends his Tigers out into the streets on offense those long-rifles may cut them to shreds. If Gus doesn’t manage this one well the moaning will become ear-piercing but he’ll still be counting his money with a smile as the sun slowly sinks along with the fortunes of Auburn.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 27 – 20

#2 Georgia Bulldogs @ #13 LSU Tigers – “Big Baby” Orgeron may have hit the proverbial wall with his team last Saturday in “The Swamp”. The Bayou Boys seemed to have lost some of their magic when the big lizards got in their face. In Athens, Kirby got his canines worked to a frenzy ripping some Tennessee sailors apart just for practice for what they plan to do to Orgeron’s tiger cubs. Coach Smart has extended the curfew for his Big Dogs to hunt and chomp as long as they want since a week off follows. The Bulldogs may not be quiet as strong as last year but they’ll have more than enough to bring home some bones to bury in Sanford Stadium.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 30 – 21

#22 Texas A&M Aggies @ South Carolina Gamecocks – Jimbo locked a stray Wildcat up in his pens last week and assigned Reveille the task of keeping that “Snelly” locked up. Reveille did the job to “purrfection”. Now Reveille and friends head to Columbia where they will unload and chase a bunch of Yard-birds. Now if you know anything about dogs then you now that once a dog gets a taste of chicken he will never get enough. Will Muschamp will encourage his Cluckers all he can but in the end Reveille will have too much bite for the Gamecocks to overcome.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 31 – 27

Missouri Tigers @ #1 Alabama Crimson Tide – The weather is changing, cooler weather is on the way. The skies will soon be full of migrating birds. If any venture over Bryant-Denny Stadium this Saturday if could be hazardous to their health. Why? The sky will be full of footballs flying to and fro. Alabama is 6th in the NCAA in pass offense and Missouri is 14th. The Alabama defense is not what it as been in years past currently holding 26th place in total defense. You better believe old Nicky will not hesitate to get into anyone’s face to push the RED HIGH TIDE to keep their streak of home SEC wins intact.

Drew Lock hasn’t been a lock lately and Nick Saban will do what he can to make his life more miserable. Lock may be from Missouri but the Tide will do more of the “showing” in this one.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 51 – 28

Ole Miss Rebels @ Arkansas Razorbacks – The Land Sharks score points as easily as draining water through a colander. The only problem is they can’t slow down anybody else. The Razorbacks used their snoots to drive them pachyderms a little bit crazy last week and should have no problem hanging with any type of fish they may encounter this week. The zebras have to be in top shape to keep up with all the running up and down the field and a shipment of new light bulbs have arrived in Little Rock in case some start popping from being cut on and off at a steady pace.

These two have a history of playing close games and the Razorbacks have won the last four, the last three by a total of six points. I really think the Piggies may get their only SEC win of the year here but ……… oh well

T-Dawg’s Winner: In an Upset? Arkansas 38 – 35

OPEN @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs – Open has been on a roll lately crushing opponents who overlook them expecting an easy victory. The Trash Pandas make use of any opening given to them so they can slip in and sample the goodies. The Dawgs won’t be caught napping though as they prepare to invade Baton Rouge next week. The Trash Pandas will get twisted, bitten and slung in every direction until the stuffing falls out.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss State 24 – LSU 13

Seriously, The Trash Pandas is the mascot name of the AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays which has moved from Mobile, AL (were the “Bay Bears”) to Huntsville, AL for next season. A Trash Panda is actually a raccoon.