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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Week Seven (Bye Week)

GBU is back... even though State didn’t play, we learned some things around the SEC

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

What I learned during week seven in the SEC:

Let’s Talk Hail State

The bye week has come and gone and the Bulldogs should be well rested and motivated to hit the road this weekend. Yes Bulldog fans, Mississippi State will head south for what could be the most important game of the season against the LSU Tigers. The Tigers just came off a very dominating win against those Bulldogs from Georgia, and it was not very pretty either. The important thing to remember is that those Georgia Bulldogs are not the Mississippi St. Bulldogs and we will be ready for LSU come Saturday night in Death Valley.

As I relaxed this past weekend, I took it upon myself to watch a few other SEC football games and they were very revealing to say the least. It is possible that some teams thought to be invincible are really very vulnerable and are there some teams that just might want to move on to basketball. Well, that’s what I am going to talk about so without further ado; LETS TALK HAIL STATE: the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY, what I learned in week seven.


Well, I must first point out that Mississippi State did not lose this week which is very good for the Hail State fan base. Amen! I just hope that our coaching staff has a good plan for this week’s game. I’d like to remind them that we beat the brakes off of LSU last year and that we will basically be bringing the same team with more experience down to Baton Rouge to pepper their gumbo again. “What!”

I am going to give every team left on Alabama’s schedule some good news and that is this past weekend the Alabama Crimson Tide showed their “achilles heel” against the Missouri Tigers, without Tua Tagovailoa Alabama has issues on offense. Up until the third quarter of game seven there has not been any sign of weakness from the Tide, but then star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went down on a scramble play with no contact. Already up by twenty points, Alabama pulled Tua from the game.

Alabama only scored nine points the rest of the game and two of those points were by the defense on a safety. In short this team is not the same without Tau under center, and with an injured knee he is probably less of a threat to break the pocket or be used as a runner. This is important because if you let him stand in the pocket he will destroy you and if you rushed him in the past he would cut you up with his legs. So in short, if I was Tennessee this weekend, I would put some serious pressure on him to see what his leg can handle. “SICK-EM”

On to the BAD:

I will tell you what’s bad and that is watching two bad teams out-bad each other until someone finally just concedes; well that was the Ole Miss Rebels Vs the Arkansas Razorbacks game. Bless their hearts but both teams were just running around like a chicken with their head chopped off. The funny thing about the game was that one team has little offense while the other has little defense. In the end the Bear Sharks won. Wow.

The Florida Gators pulled out another win Saturday against those Vanderbilt Commodores, and for a while there I thought Vanderbilt was going to take the win. “Sorry Vandy” The bad part of this game was after Florida was called for a very clear case of targeting, where a Vanderbilt player was out cold on the field. Coach Derek Mason went over to his player, and then Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and Mason exchanged words (SHOCKER). Out of nowhere Dan the Man Mullens, the lifeless hunchback that coached for nine years at state, came out of his shell and acted like a fool, jumping up and down on the side lines. My question was what was he defending? His bad tempered DC or a clearly undisciplined athlete that targeted an opposing player? The whole thing was bad, but at least I got to see Quasimodo get fired up for once.


The Ugly this week is the debacle the Auburn Tigers finds themselves in after the loss to the Tennessee Volunteers. For several years Coach Malzahn has found a way to settle down the boosters and keep his job, but after the horrendous loss to Tennessee this past week I don’t think a win against Alabama, (which will not happen) could calm down the Auburn elite this time. To make matters worse the university president stated that if Auburn losses to Ole Miss this week that Malzahn is in trouble. That is UGLY and it could all come down to a loss to the Bear Sharks or Rebel Bears... maybe the Shark Rebels... can’t really remember anymore because I don’t really care what their name is this week. OUT LOUD?

Let’s be honest here Malzahn never was a good football coach; I am surprised that he has stuck around this long. He is an above average high school coach, maybe, but in no way a SEC west coach. To top off this madness he just signed a 49 million dollar contract for a seven year period. Who was the mastermind behind that deal? Well it was long time athletic director, Jay Jacobs, a former Auburn player who served 14 years at the head of the department before he decided to retire, but not before giving this huge contract to Malzahn and then taking a job with Florida. Silent, Cricket, Cricket, Anyone?!

The bad thing about this situation is that the defense has just quit because the offense is not performing. That is because the offensive coordinator is only allowed to call plays that yep you guessed it, Coach Malzahn has approved before the game, because he must know what the other team has planned on defense ahead of time. Yea Right! Well Auburn, if you want to win two more games and go to a bowl game give me a call! Even I could win with this roster and I will do it for few thousand a game! Just Saying!