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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 9)

Week 9 Prognostications

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It was a great week if it only concerns my predictions for last week. I was 5 and 1 bringing the season total to 59 – 13 (82%). The only game I missed was unfortunately down in Baton Rouge. Coach Shoop and the defense did an outstanding job against “Big Baby O”, more than good enough to win the game if they could have just gotten some help from the offense. You will not find a greater, more constant alumnus of State than myself but the blinders must come off. The season that we all looked forward to, dreamed of for so long is now gone. Now we must stay behind our team as a whole while encouraging changes to take place each and every week as we try to salvage another trip to some form of a decent bowl.

Many of you have suggested doing this or that including myself but please, keep supporting the team itself. I am coming for the College of Forest Resources alumni tailgate party where I hope to renew some old friendships from 1978 - 1981. Then go over to see NEW approaches that our offense has installed for this game (I hope).

One thing I know from years of living is that things constantly change. The same is true in college football. At this time of year there are always many teams that are “promoted” as being invincible end up falling flat on their face. A good example of that was Ohio St. being creamed by Purdue last week. There will be others as well in fact I would love to see us cream somebody ourselves in 3 weeks. I can still dream right?

Now for this week’s prognostications:

Vanderbilt Commodores @ Arkansas Razorbacks -- Chad Morris finally got his Hogs cleaned up and their teeth sharp as razors. It is well known that a feral hog will eat anything it can get its teeth on. The Commodores held the Wildcats in check until folding in the end. Derek Mason cannot fix the holes in the ship fast enough to keep all the ships afloat. The Commodores will attempt to sail up King’s River to Fayetteville but will find the going difficult. By the time they figure out they won’t be able to get all the way there the hog calls will be echoing through the chilly air of the hill country as Mason points his canoes homeward he will hear the continuous “Wooo Pig Sooie.”

T-Dawg’s Winner: Arkansas 28 – 24

Florida Gators @ Georgia Bulldogs – Mullet Head brings his wiggly lizards into the Cock-Tail party thinking the world is at the tips of their scaly paws. Other than having a difficult time getting their jaws around some Wildcats early on everything has just kind of fallen in place until now. Kirby’s proud canines got lost in the Bayous last week and couldn’t find the way out until being snared by the dogcatcher, loaded up and transported to the state line. Heading to Jacksonville, Kirby and his pups feel more at home since they make this pilgrimage every year. After a wake up call two weeks ago these Dogs won’t let go until they have taken a bite out of Mullet Head.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 30 – 23

Kentucky Wildcats @ Missouri Tigers -- Mark Stoops is riding a wave of prosperity trying to forget the snare his Wildcats stepped into out in College Station. Them pesky Commodores tried to rain on his parade last week but the threat of “Cat-Scratch Fever” finally made them head for home. This week Stoops and his brand of felines has to make an excursion to Columbia to meet a different type of feline. The Missouri Tiger cubs enjoy running up and down the field and unlike years past they can actually do a fair job of tripping up any playmate they encounter. The only problem is everyone they play with from their own neighborhood (the SEC) won’t play fair with them and will take more than they give.

This could easily be a trap game for Cats in blue but they haven’t been in the habit of taking any prisoners and already have planned a few card tricks with a loaded deck that should leave Odom’s kittens crying foul again.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Kentucky 34 - 21

Tennessee Volunteers @ South Carolina Gamecocks -- Pruitt’s Volunteers had their orange-colored glasses smashed by some heavy critters with long snouts last week. The riflemen tried to find solace in remembering they did break a long drought the week before on a hunting excursion in the plains of south Alabama. Now they have packed their powder horns, lead and some jerky to last them until they find some yard birds running loose.

Muschamp’s Gamecocks have been up and down all season mainly because they can’t seem to find a beat that goes with both their strutting and their crowing. After having their crowing disrupted by a stray dog called Reveille last week the Roosters should be able to leap from tree to tree before any Volunteer rifle can take dead aim on supper leaving Pruitt’s hunting party hungry on the walk home.

T-Dawg’s Winner: South Carolina 35 - 24

Texas A&M Aggies @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs – The Aggies had a week to rest before making a final push to reach new heights. After securing three SEC wins in a row a little sleep was in order. Jimbo has plenty of dog chow and water loaded for a long road trip through Starkville and Auburn before getting home in time to greet some Land Sharks (geez I just can’t get use to that weird mascot…really weird). Our Dawgs have been mauling almost everything with defense but just can’t seem to get a lease that allows the offense to go for long walks or even just be turned loose. If some Dawgs can get switched around on offense then who knows? Their bite might equal that of the defense. Oh Swami…please toss us four or five more bones with a lot of meat on them.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 20 – 16

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m past tired of these night games, heck I would even take a morning game right now. Bring a jacket, a cowbell and plenty of anti-acid. Hey section 3 looking forward to seeing you again and hope we leave smiling……But whatever the case, PTLGD!