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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 10)

Week 10 Prognostications

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Well I missed one game again this week. If Arkansas had dressed out a defense to play they could have won their game with Vanderbilt. So now I’m 63 of 77 (82%). I really enjoyed the CFR tailgate party. Seeing a couple of old friends and making some new ones. Had a really fun time with fellow alumni in section 3 and 2. It was good to see the offense crank it up for a change. Let’s hope we keep it CRUNK!.

Defense was awesome as they usually are. This may be the best overall defense that I have personally seen during my forty plus years of following State. There is no doubt that Erroll Thompson (sophomore, AG Major) is the best linebacker on this team. He is all over the field but under control. Thompson WILL BE the next linebacker from State to play in the NFL.

Huge games are being played this week that will go a long way toward determining who fills the top spots in the SEC East and West. The next four weeks will bring some deep sighs and deep moans. Let’s hope it brings exhilaration to the Dawg Nation.

This Weeks Prognostications:

#25 Texas A&M Aggies @ Auburn Tigers – Reveille walked into Davis-Wade Stadium (Miss. St.) thinking he could just have free reign to have a good time and leave little piles wherever he pleased but Bully let him know that he was sadly mistaken. Bully had much more fight and bite than any old stray collie. When the stray and his pals left they headed east to visit the plains of Auburn.

Gus and his Tiger circus have been resting for a week and trying to learn a few new tricks. Gus knows a road trip for his bus across Georgia to visit Athens lies dead ahead but before he can even pack his bags and get some waffles he has to stand firm against a band of Aggies from College Station. If Gus checked his history book he would discover that the visitor usually wins by a good margin in this series. I could be wrong but I think the 7 million dollar man is going to be caught with syrup on his face again.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 27 – 20

South Carolina Gamecocks @ Ole Miss Rebels – Muschamp’s marauding Cluckers head west to Oxford then south to Gainesville. As they journey they hope that nothing lurking in the water or swamp sinks their teeth into them when they stop for a drink. Matt Luke’s Shark attack has lost several teeth recently so it has been a struggle to steadily feed themselves and they haven’t had a lot of success at keeping invaders from crossing Oxford pond at will either.

The Chickens have won the last two over the Land Sharks BUT Muschamp hasn’t been able to put together back-to-back wins all year while Luke’s goldfish have seen their point total dip dramatically against SEC teams. Look for a late turnover to decide this one.

T-Dawg’s Winner: South Carolina 35 – 31

#6 Georgia Bulldogs @ #11 Kentucky Wildcats – The Wildcats welcome Kirby Smart’s truck load of salivating Dogs into Lexington. Stoop’s boys have been making history this season but history isn’t their friend this week. The Dogs have won the last 8 and 57 of 70 altogether in the series. The visitors from Athens got a physical before the party in Jacksonville last week, started taking B (Butt kicking) vitamins and are now ready to break loose of their lease and run any Wildcat deep into it’s den for the winter. When Kirby puts his Dogs back on the lease and pulls them back there won’t be a trace of a grin left on Snelly’s face.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 30 -- 17

Missouri Tigers @ #13 Florida Gators – Barry Odom brings his Tiger cubs down to the swamp looking for a little relaxation and to catch a fish or too for the frying pan. Now Coach Mullenex’s Gators are thrashing mad after being chased out of the party last week by a bunch of Wild Dogs. He has included color recognition drills for all his little Gekcos so they will recognize prey as prey after last week’s debacle. They have had plenty of time to set up some ideal ambush spots in shallow water. When the Tiger cubs stray too close they will discover the fish on their line are more like piranha with all them sharp teeth. The Tigers will need all nine lives if they hope to escape the swamp.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 32 -- 21

Charlotte 49ers @ Tennessee Volunteers – The 49er’s journey south again after striking gold in Hattiesburg last week. They better remember to pack their firearms and ammunition for protection when they start panning outside Fort Knoxville. Pruitt’s Volunteer militia is growing in experience and their aim is improving. A bunch of claim-jumping wilderness men will make good target practice from the fort walls. These 49er’s won’t scare easily but if them long-rifles hit home enough Pruitt will start looking for a postseason vacation for his Volunteers and that would be significant.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Tennessee 36 -- 15

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide @ #4 LSU Tigers – A strong Crimson Tide crashing into Baton Rouge can be about as bad as a Category 5 Hurricane. The devastation delivered could be complete and widespread. Saban’s boys intend to follow Tua as they attempt to paint the town Crimson Red while blowing through.

“Big Baby” Orgeron is just beside himself because all the Cajun voodoo has been having maximum effect on everyone they encounter that is not a reptile. “Big Baby” has been closely working with his voodoo priestess to ensure the spell is cast on Tua. Baton Rouge is indeed where dreams come to die but Nick Saban will expose the voodoo spell as “Big Baby” realizes his own dream is the one about to die as purple tears fall like rain soaking the grass.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 34 – 28

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs – There will be an old-fashioned dog fight Saturday night in Starkvegas. The red and blue puppies are not anyone’s slouch at 6 – 2. Bully will not put up with any strays coming in messing with his family though, just ask Reveille if you can find him.

Fitzgerald intends to get his pack of Dawgs bowl-eligible by whipping their cousins from Ruston. The defense law firm of Simmons, Sweat and Thompson will lay the law down to Skip Holtz as they whip, chase and sack his cowering pups.

T-Dawg’s Winner: 34 – 10

Last week was amazingly fun for the Dawg Nation. We don’t need to overlook the Techsters because they can play and always do play well against us and other SEC teams. We need to bring our A-Game, get bowl eligible and ready for a hard sprint down the home stretch in the SEC West. If our offense can just control the ball, make some long drives and score in the “red zone” the defense will do the rest. Be in Davis-Wade this Saturday night for Homecoming 2018. Enjoy friends around you and be vocal.

I formally challenge the student section to double last week’s effort and build a “Cup Tower” on each end. It was great to see them having fun last Saturday night. I hope the fun continues.