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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 6)

Week Six Prognostications

NCAA Football: Stephen F. Austin at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good week in one way last weekend. My picks hit 7 of 8 correct bringing me to 84% for the year (45 – 8). However it was the one that I missed that hurts to depths of my soul again this past weekend. This week the season will be half over not counting the open date next week. It seemed like an incredible, historic season was about to happen six weeks ago. Somehow it has gotten terribly off track with two straight losses that simply shouldn’t have happened.

I could talk for days about what I think and feel but when you put it all in the pot, stir it and bake it until it is ready to smack on it is really just this. Miss. State has an extremely talented team, the most talented and deep we have had in my lifetime and I’m old as Methuselah. There was no rebuilding to do but rather simply just tweak the offense we had in place to move toward the spread offense that Coach Moorhead wants. I’m not sure what we’re doing now is even an offense. I bleed Maroon and will all my days on earth but it is too hard to watch right now. I wonder if sacrificing what should have been a magical season for the attempted installment of a totally new offense that has become stranded on the beach will be forgiven by faithful alumni that have come to expect a winning program year after year? If your like me it HURTS and disappoints to no end.

This week’s picks:

Alabama Crimson Tide @ Arkansas Razorbacks – The Crimson Tide stop at Fayetteville to put on another load of laundry Saturday morning. Nick Saban has washed and hung out to dry plenty of teams over the last few years. His new head laundry man, Tua, has quickly mastered the art of wash and “toss” dry. Chad Morris has been trying to get his porkers on a high protein diet in hopes of finding a higher activity level and some wins. The Razorbacks can eat until the cows come home but when the sun begins to sink low in the west Saturday the Hogs will end up like every other Tide opponent, clipped to the line to air dry.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 49 – 13

Missouri Tigers @ South Carolina Gamecocks – The Tigers clawed Kirby’s Dogs all they could last week but couldn’t get free of those canines. Now Barry Odom takes his circus train to the other Columbia where he will oversee an attempted chicken plucking contest before heading to Tuscaloosa next week. Muschamp’s flock has been downsized quite a bite in the last two weeks by dogs and feral cats. When Coach Odom loads his Cats back into the trailers feathers will litter the stadium turf.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 38 – 28

LSU Tigers @ Florida Gators – The Gators slipped out of Starkville to get back to the swamp where Coach “O” is headed with his Bengal Tigers. Mullet is smiling because he knows he stole one last week because the Head Dawg was asleep at the wheel. Call it whatever you want but the swamp lizards have won two in a row. Big Baby hopes to pick up a new pair of alligator boots to increase his style points that have risen recently. Mullet will have his Gators chomping whenever possible but this time Mullet-face may have bitten off more than he can chew.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 28 – 17

ULM Warhawks @ Ole Miss Rebels – The War Hawks have been on a losing streak since their visit to College Station. Now they have to go “The Grove” for Happy Hour with the Land Sharks. Matt Luke has his fish looking for some prey to fall in the water so they can rip into it. The tires went flat all at once last week on Luke’s aquarium truck but after some work he got his fish tank home and they are ready to devour every miserable bird they can find before going out for pork next week.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Ole Miss 49 – 27

Kentucky Wildcats @ Texas A&M Aggies – Mark Stoops unloads his Wildcats in College Station expecting to put on a “Cat Act” that the Aggie faithful have never seen. Jimbo will have the 12th Man prepared for any slight of hand that might be pulled and pop the balloons that Stoops has ordered for the locker room celebration before they’re delivered. When the clock hits all zeroes there will be nothing but a bad rotting “Snell” left on the Kentucky sideline.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 28 – 22

Vanderbilt Commodores @ Georgia Bulldogs – Derek Mason’s navy will look for a place to drop anchor in Athens before plundering Sanford Stadium. The problem is Kirby Smart and his Bulldogs have every weapon they need to repel any invader from Tennessee. They proved that last week and they will prove it again this week. The “fire in the sky” Saturday night will be coming from the Commodore’s ships burning out of control.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 45 – 10

Auburn Tigers @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs – I’ve thought long and hard about this game. My head tells me one thing from what I’ve seen the last two weeks but my heart always strives with the Dawg Nation. I’ve always known no matter what was happening in life HE had a plan. I just wish I could tell our coach HAD a plan, something different than what we’ve seen. I despise what our offense has been downgraded to but I’ll never walk away from what is so dear to my heart.

Gus and his bus make the 3 hour trip to StarkVegas thinking the Dawg’s are toothless like they were in years past. Somehow, from somewhere the Dawgs have to find enough in their heart to kick Gus out of town without letting the bus even stop at the Waffle House. This could be another 3 to 2 “thriller” but maybe we have enough to finally score A touchdown.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 16 – 13

So much I could say but we can always hope that light is in the tunnel really isn’t an Amtrak train barreling towards us. I’ll be back for the CFR Alumni Tailgate on the 27th. Hopefully we’re in a better place by then.

Agree or disagree but never give up.