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Defense Will Keep MSU in Many Games This Season

Mississippi State’s defensive talent will continue to keep the Bulldogs in SEC games this season

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Mississippi State Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

If you would have told me that MSU was 3-2 heading into Auburn, I probably would not have believed you. If you were to tell me MSU has only scored 1 touchdown in the last 8 quarters of football, I would have called you crazy. Nevertheless, MSU is 3-2 and has only score 1 touchdown in the last 8 quarters of play. If you keep of with MSU football, than I am not presenting you with any information. We know the offense is broken, but let’s look at a bright spot on this football team, the defense.

Mississippi State ranks #11 in total defense and ranks 2nd in the SEC. The Bulldog’s run defense gives up around 3.29 yards per carry. Mississippi State has tallied 14 sacks this season. These are very good numbers, yet the defense still does not get the credit it deserves. Look, I understand the frustration of not meeting the expectations that were set before the season started, but let’s give credit to our defense for what is has done so far. It is exactly what we expected it to be with 2 first round draft picks sitting on the defensive line named Jeffery Simmons and Montez Sweat. Next, we should credit defensive coordinator Bob Shoop. He has made very nice adjustments on defense this season. Coming in people were weary of his ability, I see no reason to worry about that any longer.

Although this season has not been what I, or many fans hoped for. The defense is certainly not to blame. It is unclear how many games we will win, but what is certain is that the Bulldog defense will hold their own against almost every opponent they face. Even though the wins are not there thus far, let’s not waste the opportunity to watch first round talent play football, because talent like that will not be around forever.