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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 12)

Week 12 Prognostications

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi State Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t the great week that many of us had forecast several months ago but there was a lot to be proud of. I don’t believe in moral victories but seeing the fight and intensity in our Dawgs did make me proud. Kentucky seems to have hung it up after their BUSTED game with Georgia. Vanderbilt is bi-polar I think the way they go up and down. I was really proud of our guys on defense with Alabama but…you would not believe the outcry from Alabama folks on how “dirty” our defense played as they tried to hurt Tua. What a crock of bull. It is FOOTBALL people, GET OVER it. The State defense is VERY good, the best Alabama has faced or will face.

In post game comments Saban even said the league office probably should review how our MEN tried to hurt little Tua. I also saw something that I have never seen from Saban before, at the end of the game with Bama up 24 – 0 he could have had them kneel or at least kick a field goal but dude isn’t satisfied with that. He goes for another touchdown! A COMPLETE LACK OF CLASS!!!! I was really proud of how our back-ups threw them back on 4th down. I have always been OK with Alabama and pulled for them all the time but right now? I got nothing more for Saban. I need to stop before I go off the rails… let’s move on.

Eleven games this week as the regular season draws to a close and final positioning takes place. Some REAL crème puff games this week with extra crème!

The Citadel Bulldogs @ #1 Alabama Crimson Tide – The Citadel Bulldogs will have their paws tied together so they can’t jump on Tua or even climb on his leg. Tua will play the first half as long as nobody pulls the red flag from his pocket or scratches his leg. This game doesn’t qualify for “Cup Cake”. Saban has signed papers from the league office giving permission to have ALL Bulldogs neutered from now on so they will pose no threat, just lay around and sleep (life is done).

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 212 – 0 (It’s Flag football with Tua)

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders @ #11 Kentucky Wildcats – The Blue-Raiders ride into Lexington with every intention of looting the town. They will serve as no-one’s patsy. They have wrapped up the C-USA Eastern division. Since Mark Stoop’s meows had their bubble busted they have done nothing except chase their own tail. If the Cats don’t wake up in time to defend Fort Lexington the Blue-Raiders will take everything not nailed down. Upset alert here!!!!

T-Dawg’s Winner: Kentucky 24 -- 20

Idaho Vandals @ #15 Florida Gators – The Idaho Vandals come to Florida looking for what else they can pilfer while sitting in 9th place in the “Big Sky” conference. It would seem to indicate that their season has already been stolen from them. Wins over powers such as Southern Utah and Portland State have the Vandals primed and ready to be shellacked. Mullenex is getting his squiggly lizards ready for an invasion of Indians and is in no mood to play.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 51 -- 10

Missouri Tigers @ Tennessee Volunteers – Barry Odom’s felines have been trying to learn new habits before they catch a train to Knoxville. His Cats have been jumping from tree to tree without fear of the whip. Pruitt’s rifle brigade earned their sharpshooting patches after taking their quota of felines last week. Now another breed of Cat is about to blindly walk into the firing range. If Pruitt wants to bag his quota again this week he better make sure his boys can quick load.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 34 -- 24

Massachusetts Minutemen @ #5 Georgia Bulldogs – Ladies and gentlemen, Step right up and see another SEC school get fat on another real cupcake. The Bulldogs have the SEC Championship game in view now and the next two weeks will be pure practice games to work out rough spots before the vaunted “BAMA” game again. UMass has beaten powerhouses Duquesne, Ohio U. and of course “Give Me LIBERTY”. The Minutemen might be just a minute late but they’re YEARS short on talent.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 55 -- 7

Liberty Flames @ #24 Auburn Tigers – Gus and his tiger cubs got back late Saturday night after pushing the bus home. The squirrels that were keeping it rolling gave out and went belly up in the road so Gus had his boys unload and push from Atlanta to Auburn. It was good practice because that is more pushing than they did against UUGAA. Gus is hoping for one more trip over to the Waffle House this season if they can put out the Flames. Malzahn hopes to change the Patrick Henry quote this week to say: ”Give me Liberty and I’ll give them death!”

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 45 -- 13

UAB Blazers @ Texas A&M Aggies – Jimbo’s dog troop got bowl eligible last week taking a lot of pressure off the collar. Knowing that a little bit of a rivalry game is coming up with “Baby O” and the Bayou wonder boys there could be a tendency to take a deep breath and relax this week. Make no mistake Bill Clark will have his Blazers ready, you can count on that. UAB plays the SEC almost every year and in their 2nd year back as a program they are leading C-USA West with a 9 – 1 record. If College Station isn’t on full alert this could go sideways quickly.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 24 -- 23

Rice Owls @ #7 LSU Tigers – The Owls squeezed out a win in week one against Prairie View A&M and since then they haven’t been able to punch their way out of a wet paper sack. Coach “O” couldn’t help snickering getting ready for this adventure. The Bayou Bengals have been busy drawing up elaborate tricks to catch a tasty owl. If these Owls are truly wise they will head somewhere besides Baton Rouge.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 45 -- 6

Ole Miss Rebels @ Vanderbilt Commodores – The Land Sharks can’t seem to find that magic 6th win. Even with the win there still wouldn’t be a bowl this year but Coach Luke has been trying to find a way to finish a game. He has given thought to why a shark doesn’t function well on land but can’t get a grip on it yet.

The Commodores have two chances left, both in conference games. If Derek Mason has any hope of heading to the bowling lanes then his black and gold navy must repel both the Sharks and the Vols when they attack Nashville. Maybe the question is, who has more to play for?

T-Dawg’s Winner: Vanderbilt 35 -- 30

Chattanooga Mocs @ South Carolina GamecocksNick Tiano (ex-Miss. St.) has led his Moccasins to a 6 – 4 record. There’s not a lot of venom in the veins of these snakes and they will need quite a bit this week. Muschamp’s yard birds have a knack for dealing with snakes using feet, spurs and beaks. The Gamecocks need one more to book their own trip to Bowl-Land. It needs to happen this week because they have to head to Death Valley next week and the prospect of flogging a Tiger to death isn’t very good. It’s getting cold so snakes need to find a hole and get in it.

T-Dawg’s Winner: South Carolina 55 -- 24

Arkansas Razorbacks @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs – The Razorbacks have been home for the last five weeks but only managed to sink their teeth into one opponent, Tulsa. Now Chad Morris has to finish his first year on a two game road swing. Stopping in Stark-Vegas couldn’t happen at a worse time for the piglets. The Dawgs are having all the family over for an early dinner but couldn’t find a turkey for dinner so roasted Hog will have to do. It will be an emotional senior day for a collection of young men who have made a name for themselves and will be sorely missed. For now though, getting their bellies full, enjoying fellowship with the Dawg Family one more time before heading to Oxford to exterminate some Sharks for Thanksgiving.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 45 – 6

Get out and go see a college game hopefully with “Your” team before the regular season ends really soon. College football is extremely special and passionate. Don’t be a fair weather fan, stand with your school in good times and hard. It fosters a love relationship with something that is dear to your heart. How this season ends will be different than many expectations for many teams but there is plenty of promise ahead under the Christmas tree.

This has been a really special group of seniors that we say goodbye to along with those we know will leave early for the draft. There is nothing wrong with them going, they are ready and deserve it, I (we) are just not ready to let them go but isn’t it always that way. There are too many to name but I hope to see each of them have the best games of their careers over the next two weeks.

See you Saturday morning….