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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 13)

Week 13 Prognostications

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Mississippi State Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Last week during the lead up to our last game this season at Davis-Wade I had the opportunity to walk and talk with Jerry Bouldin (MSU 1987 – 1990). We talked about what State has come to mean to each of us over the years and how it will always be “home”, where we grew up and made friends and memories we will carry with us always. I also met some of the high school recruits coming in to visit including a young man from Watson Chapel in Pine Bluff, Arkansas who was eager to experience the atmosphere of Davis-Wade for the first time.

Last, I met an alumnus from Durham, North Carolina (Eric Jeffcoat – Class of ’82)) who had drove in (10 hours +) to see his beloved Dawgs play. I enjoyed the company and always meet old friends (Taco) and make new ones every time I return “HOME” to Stark-Vegas.

Now for the last regular season prognostication of SEC games for this year. I will be back with a story predicting each SEC Bowl matchup before games start in December and possibly more.

Arkansas @ Missouri – The Razorbacks been roasted just about everywhere they have been this year, even at home. Now they take one more journey, this time into a Tiger’s den knowing there is no tomorrow for them. When they stumble into the Tiger’s lair it will be plainly evident that there isn’t much meat left on the carcass of any of the hogs. If animal control were to capture them they would be put down immediately. Barry Odom has Tigger playing at a higher level on defense this year, which has helped propel them into an upper tier bowl game possibility. The Tigers from Columbia plan to skewer the Hogs and then gnaw the bones clean and leave them to be buried in the coming snows.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 45 – 18

Georgia Tech @ #5 Georgia – The Ramblin’ Wreck of Georgia Tech has been driving right on by a lot of the competition in the ACC, enough so to ensure another bowl this year. The triple option for which Coach Paul Johnson is known to be a master of will test the Georgia defense with only a week to prepare. On top of that, the SEC Championship looms dead ahead for UGGA. The Dawgs have forced the Tech jalopy into the ditch seven of the last ten years. When Kirby Smart sees the Putt-Mobile in the road he won’t think twice about a hit and run power drive on the way to Atlanta.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 40 – 21

#15 Florida @ Florida St. – The Seminole nation crowned a new chief in hopes of resurrecting Osceola’s hoard of fearless warriors again. It hasn’t worked though as the tribe is looking at a second straight long, hungry winter. Mullenex has his little green lizards set to break their losing skid to the Seminoles (1- 7 since 2010 and lost 5 in a row). If the swamp geckos mess this one up they’ll find themselves as the meat in Osceola’s stew for supper.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 31 – 20

Auburn @ #1 Alabama – Nicky and his red elephants got a little scare last week. They have to get themselves ready to play yet another set of Bulldogs in Atlanta before they can fill their snoot with water from the Black Warrior River. The pachyderms must feel like a bulldog is kin to a cat (having 9 lives) because every time they turn around another set of them have appeared snapping at their heels. The “Gus Bus” got a complete tune-up last week to improve performance but still has the same driver.

This series is led by Alabama (45 – 36 – 1) but strangely enough Auburn leads in Tuscaloosa 7 – 4. Auburn has begun runs of wins about every fifteen years in the series. While the runs were not extended (5, 2, 4, 6) they are consistent. Last year was 15 years since the last run and Auburn won. Was it the start of another run for the Tigers? On paper, there is no way the kittens match up but games aren’t played on paper they are played on grass. Strange things indeed happen in this series! Instinct says a blowout by Alabama but the average score in the series is 20 – 16. Just when you think things are set, craziness happens (punt Bama punt, kick six).

Perhaps Tua struggles and Stidham plays the game of his life in his last hoorah for Auburn. Perhaps not? It has been 46 years since “The Amazings” did the unbelievable. In a true rivalry, Never say Never!

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 26 – 24

Tennessee @ Vanderbilt – Mason’s naval squadron is making their last stand at Fort Nashville against Pruitt’s determined Volunteer army. The Commodore’s cannon fire blew the Land Sharks back into the water last week and they have each battery fully loaded for the last attack from a band of long-rifles. Pruitt’s head sharp shooter is banged up but will have to lead the attack if the Volunteers are to have a chance in taking Fort Nashville. If the Commodores can repel the attack they will have beaten the Volunteers three times in a row. That hasn’t happened in 90 years!

T-Dawg’s Winner: Vanderbilt 27 – 21

South Carolina @ #2 Clemson – Muschamp takes his flock of chickens to Memorial Stadium to check out what all the fuss is about with the circus tigers. “Cocky” would love to end the four game win streak by Dabo’s Tigers but it is always tough for chickens to spur a Tiger before being mortally wounded. Dabo has a Tiger in the tank primed for a run at it all. No matter what happens in the Battle of the Palmetto State “Cocky” still plans to at least survive so he can zap the Zips from Akron next week.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Clemson 42 – 20

#17 Kentucky @ Louisville – The Cardinals are giving up an average of 44 points a game. It takes a lot of birdseed to overcome dismal performances like that. The Redbirds haven’t had any success at flying in 8 weeks now. Colonel Stoops has been trying to get his Cats back on track since they took a lashing three weeks ago. It has taken time to heal their wounds but maybe the healing took place last week.

The Cardinals have been a pure disaster this year and any intelligent bird would look to fly south for the winter but that’s not what Cardinals normally do. Chances are they will be grounded again this last week.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Kentucky 42 – 10

#7 LSU @ Texas A&M – Aggie Land is looking forward to having Orgeron in for Thanksgiving because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a real turkey. Jimbo really wants Reveille to break the November collapse syndrome of the past. That is close to being a reality as the Aggies have won two of three in November so far. The Bayou Bengals don’t want to be the next park of that pattern but intend to bring that misery of a losing feeling back to the 10th, 11th and 12th Man. Big Baby O won’t be happy until he gets his circus back home to the bayou and some oyster dressing while fattening up for a New Year’s Day bowl.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 28 – 20

#21 Miss. State @ Ole Miss – This is one of the oldest, nastiest rivalries in college football. Folks in other places would argue that theirs is more intense but they just haven’t lived it. I grew up in Alabama and live here again now. The “Iron Bowl” is a good rivalry but it doesn’t touch the pure feeling of HATE WEEK! The emotions of this week are climaxed in the annual meeting on the gridiron but those emotions permeate every sport year round. The nastiness, the disrespect the HATE never stops. No it isn’t life or death at least to some but it is an ugly dislike of Johnny Reb and it will never stop.

This senior class of Dawgs have accomplished an awful lot but there is really only one thing that matters. BEAT OLE MISS! Beat them, destroy them, skull-drag them all around the field. Prejudice towards State? You better believe it brother!

You better believe no-one will quit no matter what the score but gosh it would be so awesome to see Sweat, Simmons, Hoyett and company harass Ta’amu then see Johnathan Abram crunch him and every other Rebel that crosses his path. Erroll Thompson will cruise the field looking for a Rebel to take a bite out of. Fitzgerald has some payback to deliver especially after last year’s gruesome injury derailed plans for a celebration and left a year long taste in everyone that bleeds Maroon. There is only one cure for that emptiness, DESTROY every Rebel walking.

Black Bears? Land Sharks? They can call themselves Little Red Riding Hood if they wish but they will always be those vile, despicable, arrogant, pompous Johnny Rebs.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Mississippi State 48 – 10

Enjoy Thanksgiving week with family and friends. Remember those less fortunate. Sacrifice to spend time with family because no one is promised next year or even tomorrow. May God bless you and your family, and yes even them Johnny Rebs I hope have food and family they can enjoy after they suffer through a few days of agony.