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Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Candidates

Ole Miss is looking for a defensive coordinator, so we want to help our friends to the North!

NCAA Football: Boston College at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

After a humiliating loss for the Ole Miss Rebels yesterday night, it was early this morning that they announced the firing of McGriff, their defensive coordinator. It was a sad day for Bulldog fans, as he was most definitely a fan favorite after his coaching performance this season. So since we loved him so much, we wanted to help you guys find another coordinator... one that will be almost as good as Ole McGriff! Here are our sure-fire-must-hire candidates for our dearest friends to the north:

Peter Sirmon:

NCAA Football: Louisville Spring Game Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

This one is my favorite and it really seems like a home-run hire if I was Ross Bjork. He fits the culture at Ole Miss and really could pick up right where McGriff left off. He coached at State and every one talked about him. Maybe he could give you the inside track on us... could be a real steal!

Jay Sawvel:


So this one is just me being absolutely too kind... I am offering a definite upgrade here. Though recently fired, Jay Sawvel, was running the 121st ranked defense in the country! Yes! One spot better than the 122nd-McGriff-ranked defense! We didn’t have to offer him as a candidate, but we did... so please consider it.

Bobby Petrino:

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

So we wanted to think outside the box, like most AD’s do when they are hiring. Like this one athletic director hired their offensive line coach as head coach! How crazy! So here is an offensive coach who might could coach defense. He has head coach experience and he has a little bit of a scandalous past. That means he would fit in and help coach the team! What a win-win.

Teryl Austin:

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

This might not work out, but if he is fired then it would. He currently coaches the worst defense in the NFL... but but but! That is professional ball. So he probably could be a pretty alright college coach.

Billy Crocker:

Now this hire is more of the developmental hire that some people like. He was great at Villanova, he just needs a little practice at the FBS level. Sure he is allowing 626 or so yards a game at UConn, but in the next few years, he could be great! It would be worth a gamble, and one that the Bulldogs heavily endorse.

No One:

This would be huge. Maybe one of the first teams to start a season without one, and it might be smart for you guys. Maybe use the extra money to get two offensive coordinators! Or maybe like Matt Luke’s brother or something on staff. This could be innovative and hey not like you guys didn’t give up some yardage this year! Go for it! It will be great!

We hope this helps you out, especially you Ross Bjork! We just want the best for you, our dearest Northern friends. Much love!

- Mississippi State (not really, just FWtCT)