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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 11)

Week 11 Prognostications

What a week we had in college football including the SEC. Yes, both the SEC East and West are now decided as to who will represent each side in Atlanta but the final pecking order is still very much in question. A pecking order that will determine who goes where to the long list of bowl game affiliates with the SEC. It will be fun watching it all play out.

It was great being present at Homecoming 2018. I talked with alumni that hadn’t been back in 30 years but seized their opportunity this year. I met alumni from North Carolina (Durham) as well as Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Alabama of course. I also met a young man (10 years old) who was at his first game with his dad. They were from Itawamba County. I was blessed to sit beside them and saw the young man as he got his hot dog and drink pause before eating and ask his daddy to pray with him before they ate. Hope for the future right before my eyes.

I also met a 1966 graduate of MSU, J. Neil Downing from Pearl, MS. This dear gentleman came and sat down below me in section 3 with his son (who he was “keeping straight”). I had a great time talking to him about his experiences and his antique cowbell. He said he took it to a basketball game years ago in Oxford where some “people” said they would have to take it from him. Neil said he told them “Oh no hades your not”. Well they didn’t get it because it served a purpose other than “Clanga”. If you see him around Pearl or at the Arkansas game spend a few minutes talking to him. He is a real treasure of MSU.

Now for Week 11 Prognostications of SEC games:

South Carolina @ #21 Florida – The Gamecocks survived a swarming school of Land Sharks in Oxford by flapping their wings at just the right time to keep escaping the hungry fish. Muschamp hopes that it was good training for avoiding a cesspool of frustrated Geckos.

The scaly lizards had been puffing out their throats hoping to discourage rivals but lately they have been ducking for cover instead. After a post-game thrashing by Mullenex the question is will “The Swamp” have any bite left in it? This could be a true toss-up game. Can Mullenex get his reptiles to show up?

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 30 -- 26

Ole Miss @ Texas A&M – Jimbo is thrilled to get Reveille back home to College Station where they will look to throw off the smell of defeat that has soaked into the dog fur after dropping two straight on a three game road swing. Hitting the home cushions felt real good but there is no time for a nap with Luke’s fish coming to town. Ole Miss threw everything they had at the Cluckers from Carolina but still came up short. Somebody is going to have a three game skid going if they can’t stop the other side.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 35 -- 31

Vanderbilt @ Missouri – The Commodores took a week off to patch up holes and put new cannons in place. Derek Mason’s navy has been doing a good job of blasting attacking opponents lately keeping them from advancing on board the ship while being able to secure abundant loot from their foe. The upstart-Tigers from Columbia have been using their massive claws on opponents with a certain degree of success but it hasn’t been consistent. Odom’s kittens have been up and down all season. They were up in the swamp last week. The Commodores are firing for effect seeking a bowl trip.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Vanderbilt 34 – 28

#12 Kentucky @ Tennessee – Snell took one in the snout last week when the Georgia Bulldogs ran him into his Lexington cave. The Wildcats were pumped up and eager to book a room in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. They can still use the rooms but it will only be to watch the game, not play in it. The Volunteers are still working on their aim and hope to take down any wild game that wonders into Neyland Stadium. Pruitt’s Volunteer brigade plans to catch any intruder in a murderous crossfire but these northern cats should be able to find holes in the walls through which they can penetrate the defenses of Fort Knoxville. Will Georgia still be on Stoop’s mind?

T-Dawg’s Winner: Kentucky 26 -- 17

Auburn @ #5 Georgia – Gus is loading up the clanky old bus for another road trip, this time to Athens. Malzahn hurried over to the Waffle House after finding yet another miracle on the plains to send A&M home with a sad face. This goes to prove even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

The Bulldogs made a statement in Lexington and now come home with the SEC East crown in hand. You can bet that Kirby’s boys are far from ready to take a break when they can see that orange and blue bus coming into view. The table is set to invite Gus in but “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” is already playing as a prelude to the bus getting crushed.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 35 -- 13

#9 LSU @ Arkansas –- “Big Baby O” was too mad to even spit after laying another egg with Alabama. Their dream went down in flames as Tua broke Cajun hearts and left them with empty faces. The Tigers have to pull themselves together for a Hog hunt this week. If the long faces hang on too long the Crimson wave will beat them twice. Chad Morris has lost just about every Hog he had on the farm and now some angry Bayou Bengals are coming to feed. If Orgeron’s tears dry up in time there shouldn’t be anywhere for a Hog to hide.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 35 -- 17

#15 Miss. State @ #1Alabama – Well here we are. What one of our goals was for this year now is staring us in the face. Now common sense would tell us that you don’t beat Bama but I’ve been known to be a little bit Looney-Tune. Tua can make the pigskin dance more than a Hula dancer. Thompson, Sweat, Simmons, Hoyett will seek to extend their streak of 52 possessions without giving up a touchdown.

If Tua should fall prey to a bum knee and the ‘Minister of Defense” gets on a roll with his Dawg Squad lots of people could be amazed. Can it happen? Sure! Will it happen? I’m not sure but I’ll live and die with DAWGS!

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 27 – 25

As always, agree or disagree that’s your choice, I’ve made mine. After going 5 and 2 last week I’m now at 81 %. If I was a betting man I would be thrilled and making a bundle, but I’m not a betting man….not since Cohern’s Big Star! It CAN Happen but you have to BELIEVE! I’ll be watching this time but will make the final journey to Starkville next week for the early morning Hog Barbeque.

Hey Neil, Ring Old Clanga loud for me!