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Every Game is a “Big Game”

After a devastating loss against Missouri, the Bulldogs look to bounce back on the road against Vanderbilt.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Peter gets called for an offensive foul with seconds left on the clock in OT against Missouri. I knew it was over. You knew it was over. We all knew it was over after the official makes a controversial call (to say the least) on point guard, Lamar Peters. Mississippi State suffers a devastating loss at Missouri, 89-85.

I am still trying to recover after getting robbed from a huge win.


Tonight Mississippi State faces off against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Memorial Gym in Nashville. Memorial Gym is never a “walk through” place to go and play. The gym itself has a weird setup. The benches for both teams are setup behind each goal. I’m not sure why the gym has been set up like this for years now, but it seems to have an impact on away teams who come and play at Memorial Gym.

Vanderbilt is 0-7 on the road in the SEC this season, but they have won 3 SEC games at home (one win against a solid Alabama team). Vandy also went on the road to Rupp Arena against the Kentucky Wildcats and lost in OT, 83-81.

The Bulldogs have only pulled off one road win all season (at South Carolina, 81-76). The statistics are not in the Bulldogs favor, but it’s obvious Mississippi State has a more consistent team right now. Lamar Peters is obviously playing his best ball right now. Aric Holman is turning into an NBA style player. Abdul Ado has to learn to hold on to the basketball. Besides that, Ado has been a key asset on both ends of the court. Quinndary and Nick Weatherspoon are two guys (brothers) that you just feel comfortable when they are on the court. Tyson Carter hasn’t produced much lately, but if he can ever get the hot hand, he’s proven he has a pretty 3-point shot.

All of that to say, this team needs to show up at Memorial Gym tonight at 6:00 PM CT. Every game is a big game going forward. MSU has 6 games left on their schedule, all of which are SEC games. Out of those 6 games, the home:away ratio is split down the middle at 3:3. The Bulldogs need this road win at Vanderbilt to still be in conversation for the NCAA tournament. Losing this one could put Mississippi State right into the NIT, but a win could launch this team into a solid finish to their season.