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Why the Egg Bowl Should Always Be Played On Thanksgiving

The Battle For the Golden Egg is one of the nastiest and hate filled rivalries in the country

The Egg Bowl is arguably the most important game of the year for both Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Ever since 1927, the two schools have battled it out for the sole possession of the Golden Egg. Many people don’t understand the history of the trophy, so here’s a quick explanation.

For the first decade or two in the rivalry, the two schools simply played for bragging rights, and during those days, game scores were not always kept, and often were inaccurate. Inaccurate scores of course led to disputes about who won the game. Quickly things began to get out of hand. Eventually, the fans of the winning school decided to take down the goal posts used in the game and take them back to their dear schools as proof that they had won. In no time, that practice was cracked down on. The two schools eventually met to discuss the easiest way to fix the issue. They eventually agreed to mutually purchase a gold plated football trophy to serve as the prize for winning the game. The trophy has been used ever since.

You see, it’s tradition that has made this rivalry one of the best in the nation. Not only that, but also the pure hatred that runs deep in this rivalry. A hatred that runs back generations. The games are some of the nastiest and brutal games played every year. So why do the two opposing sides not play every year on Turkey Day?

Why do they continue to allow this rivalry to take a back seat to other rivalries?

That’s a question I find myself asking every year. It’s not like there are a lot of games going on on Thanksgiving. There are usually 2-3 games. It’s almost like the NFL is somehow being held in higher regard that college football. The Thanksgiving NFL games are very rarely good, and I’m about 90% sure that the people who tune in to watch those games are just watching because it’s football. So now I ask the question: Why not put the Egg Bowl as the one college football game played that day?

It would certainly have high ratings due to it being the only college football game. Plus, it would bring much more national attention to a great rivalry that’s almost always been kept in the South and never allowed to get any further. Everytime the two play, you can obviously tell the two hate one another. I’m quite sure that those who watch the game wouldn’t mind seeing two teams who truly hate each other try and rip each others heads off for 4 hours. They would get exposed to what makes the rivalry so great. Not to mention that the last two Egg Bowls played on Thanksgiving have been good games and have gone down to the wire.

So. I ask again... Why not put this rivalry on Thanksgiving every year instead of just every once in a while?

Hopefully the two schools can work out things to where that will be a reality one day. It would catapult the rivalry to new heights. Maybe ESPN will work out a TV deal or something. Whatever it takes to get the rivalry on the national stage.