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How Roshunda Johnson defines Mississippi State’s basketball mindset

The Bulldogs play with a unique attitude, highlighted by Roshunda Johnson’s offensive and defensive tenacity.

Mississippi State Athletics

It is rare to find a talent able to combine consistency and reliability with an all-round game, as Mississippi State’s Roshunda Johnson checks all three boxes. The senior guard and Oklahoma State transfer has been a difference maker on both ends of the floor, taking advantage of every opportunity. She plays with precision and lives for a game changing moment, willing to step into any role.

Transferring schools is no easy fit, but it may have been Johnson’s smartest decision as it pertains to basketball. Head coach Vic Schaefer’s style of toughness and emphasis on defensive tenacity has brought out her best. Starting alongside teammates Blair Schaefer, Morgan William, and Victoria Vivians, Johnson rounds out the game’s best senior class.

She is an offensive threat with range and defensive mind able to read any scheme. However, Johnson’s ability to make others better defines her game. She puts the team first, as selflessness is scarce in this day and age.

Mississippi State Athletics

Johnson averages 11.2 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game. While she may not be considered a superstar, Johnson has exceeded expectations in every statistical category. She has been the perfect compliment to Blair from beyond the arc, as her three-point shot has become lethal.

The Bulldogs are a team composed of leaders, all of which are willing to take the reigns if needed. Though not the most vocal on and off the court, Johnson’s confidence and leadership has improved throughout this season. She has earned the trust of her coach and teammates, resulting in performances many did not expect.

Johnson’s 22 points came easy against Florida, as she led the team in scoring en route to a 98-50 blowout in Gainesville. Her back-to-back threes showed a heightened level of confidence that will be scary going forward. In addition, Johnson’s ability to slash her way to the basket creates opportunities for teammates on the outside, another element most do not possess.

She is a jack of all trades on the floor, as Johnson will likely see more minutes after last night’s career outing. As mentioned above, it is rare to find a talent able to combine consistency and reliability with an all-round game. It will be back-to-back sellouts at Humphrey Coliseum, providing Johnson with an opportunity to further make her name. The Bulldogs take on the Kentucky Wildcats Sunday at 2:00 PM ET.