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Less Cowbell?

No cowbells at the New Dude? In the famous words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friends!”

Auburn v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Twitter was sent into a frenzy yesterday morning, after an interesting tweet went out from the Mississippi State Baseball account. Take a look at the tweet for yourself:

Those 8 words resulted in almost 200 replies, which are now no longer viewable. Is that the first sign that maybe there is nothing to worry about? I would say yes, but here are a couple more points to solidify the case that cowbells are allowed.

First and foremost, our social media department is incredible in the fact that they often interact with fans. They are known to reply to questions and occasionally like and retweet fans pictures. After nearly 200 replies, there was never an answer to any questions people asked about this. There was no elaboration or explanation, other than this tweet. Or was there?

Exactly 4 hours and 10 minutes later, @HailStateBB tweeted out once again. This time it was a list of prohibited items. After reading all the words on the page, you can see that the words do not include artificial noise makers or cowbells. It is noteworthy to mention that cowbells have been banned before and they never went away. In matter of fact, according to my research*, cowbells have always been banned, by the SEC, for baseball games.

*research= Will Sammon’s twitter

So State fans, are cowbells banned at Dudy Noble Field? The answer is yes. *wink, wink*

If you didn’t catch the hint, let me help you. Here is the situation:

Our entire baseball team has a fever...