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A Tale of Two Cities: MSU Vs. Ole Miss- Recruiting Edition

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Brigham Young Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It's only April, but the 2019 football recruiting trail is starting to heat up. Recruits are visiting schools, weighing their options, and committing to a school of their choice. This is always a major part of every college sport's team because you are as good as your players.

MSU's 2019 football class currently ranks #15 in the nation with a total of 6 hard commitments in the class of 2019. According to 247 Sports, they have two (4 star commits) along with four (3 star commits). Overall, I have been very impressed with Joe Moorhead's staff and their willingness to try to lure top prsopects to Starkville.

On the other hand, we have Ole Miss. I am going to explain to you why their recruiting class is not as good as you think. Technically, they are ranked #1 in the country. They have three (4 star commits) and twelve (3 star commits). That's right, Ole Miss has total of 15 commitments. MSU has a total of 6 commitments. No one else in the top 15 recruiting rankings has 10 or more commits except for Miami who has 11. This means MSU has nine less recruits than Ole Miss and is still ranked in the top 15.

It is obvious Ole Miss is taking quantity over quality, but MSU seems to be taking a steadier, more patient approach on the recruiting trail while still being aggressive at the same time. Hopefully, this will pay off when National Signing Day rolls around.