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Mississippi State and Texas Tech Schedule a Home and Home for 2028-2029

For those of you who need a 10 Year Advance Notice of when a Mississippi State Football Game is being played, Mississippi State has your back.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State and Texas Tech have agreed to play in Football according to Fbschedules. The deal includes the first game being played in Starkville on September 9, 2028 while the second game will be played in Lubbock Texas on September 8, 2029.

Mississippi State and Texas Tech have met 7 times before with the most recent meeting being in 1970. State leads the all time series 4-2-1. The teams have never met in Starkville before. However, they have met in Jackson, Mississippi 4 times and in Lubbock the other 3 times.

Highway 82 runs directly from Starkville to Lubbock so I do like that Mississippi State factored that in when making this decision.

Who knows what either team will look like by the time the two teams play in Starkville, but certainly right now this looks like a good and fun series that the two teams agreed to play. And these are the type of teams Mississippi State should schedule moving forward.