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Dear @HailStateWBK,

An open letter to the team we love.

Through all the crazy moments we have had through the years, it seems only fitting that a thank you is in order for our girls. To me, the most influential team that has come through the entire state of Mississippi just finished the season on Sunday. As I sat in the Hump on Sunday, I truly realized what this team had done. Our state was the talk of the nation. Typically Mississippi is last on every list that's good and first on every list that’s bad, but Mississippi was being talked about in a new light. In a nation that seems to go back and forth on issues and that seems ever so divided these days, we all came together on Sunday for a common purpose. This group grew Women's Basketball into the talk of the town. We grew Women’s Basketball overall. We knocked off the greatest power in basketball history. We have had unprecedented success over the last two seasons. We had an SEC Championship. We had back-to-back National Championship appearances. We had a Final Four game for the ages. Most importantly, we had a good time.

I just hope everyone truly understand what this team has done. They might not have lifted the trophy, but I assure you that they won. They won 126 games in 4 years, they won our hearts, and they won the attention of millions of people. Forever thankful for our seniors, and forever excited for the future of this program.

As always, Praise the Lord and Go Dawgs.