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Family of Mississippi State Fans Needs Assistance after loss of Mother

The Moore Family recently lost their mother Stephanie to a battle with cancer.

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I was recently made aware of a family of Mississippi State fans who need the help of the Bulldog family. Stephanie Moore recently lost her battle with cancer, and she has three children that she never got to see grow into adulthood. Here is what their GoFundMe page has to say about Stephanie.

After a hard fought battle with breast cancer, our precious Stephanie Moore has gained her angel wings. All who know her can attest to her toughness when fighting cancer - a woman who never gave up, no matter how large the mountain in front of her. She was a compassionate friend to others fighting cancer, loved God, and was a protector of every animal in need of help. She lived life to the fullest, had a smile that could instantly brighten a room, and loved her bulldogs. Most importantly, though, was the fierce love she showed to her family and friends. Stephanie wanted more than anything to live long enough to see Ana, Ceely, and Houston grow into adulthood, and fought as hard as she could for as long as she could. She’s been there for so many of us and now we can be there for her where it matters most - in the lives of her beautiful children. We started this go fund me to raise money for Stephanie’s funeral expenses, and to provide financial support for these amazing children who are in the midst of the unthinkable. All funds will be managed by a trusted family member.

If you want to assist in any way financially, you can click here to go to their GoFundMe page and donate. If you can’t donate financially, please share their story on any social media you use to help spread the word.