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Top 10 Mississippi State Football Players: #9 Wayne Madkin (1998-2001)

With 10 days till the Bulldogs kick off the 2018 season, Gavin Mosley gives you his top 10 players in MSU history.

Madkin was the greatest quarterback the school had ever seen.

That is until a certain kid from Sulphur, Louisiana named Dakota Rayne Prescott came along.

He is one of the most seasoned QBs in school history, winning 25 games across his 4 years as the starter. Madkin was the starter that led the Bulldogs to the 1998 SEC Championship Game. In addition to that, Wayne led the Bulldogs to the 1998 Cotton Bowl, 1999 Peach Bowl and the 2000 Independence Bowl. Madkin graduated as Mississippi State’s all-time leading passer with 6,336 yards and held the record until it was broken by Dak Prescott in 2015. Then a record of Dak’s was broken by Nick Fitzgerald. He led the Bulldogs to three consecutive bowl games following the 1998-2000 seasons. The Bulldogs were 2-1 in the bowl games that Madkin started, losing the 1999 Cotton Bowl to Texas and winning the 1999 Peach Bowl over Clemson and the 2000 Independence Bowl over Texas A&M.

Though Madkin isn’t as widely known as Dak Prescott or Nick Fitzgerald, he blazed the trail that those two men would follow. He is unfortunately a name that gets shuffled out of talks about who the greatest in school history is. He did so much and got so little in return. It’s honestly a sad story. Wayne will never be forgotten for the winning mentality he brought to Davis Wade Stadium every Saturday.

Madkin is one of many greats. Who is number 8? Well let me just put it to you like this. He’s a fan favorite and you are guaranteed to see him at every spring game. Find out who that is tomorrow.