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Top 10 Mississippi State Football Players: #6 Fletcher Cox (2009-2011)

With 6 days till the Bulldogs kick off the 2018 season, Gavin Mosley gives you his top 10 players in MSU history.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest defensive presences in school history, Fletcher Cox was a physical presence from his first start to his last. And just like Anthony Dixon, his choice of the Bulldogs was quite a surprising one.

Because he chose Mississippi State over not only Ole Miss. Not only Auburn. But also Alabama and LSU, who were the cream of the crop when Cox came out of high school.

Somehow or another, he was swayed to Starkville and the rest is history. Cox had a stellar collegiate career and it paid off immensely when he left school early for the NFL in 2012. The Eagles traded up to take him at 12th overall, making him the school’s highest draft pick since Michael Haddix in 1983 and the highest lineman since Jimmy Webb in 1975.

Honestly an entire book could be written on why Cox is one of the best things Starkville, Mississippi has produced. 3 Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl ring later, we’re still talking about him. Cox faced some of the best athletes the SEC has ever seen and he never faltered. He took on Mark Ingram. He took on Tim Tebow. He took on Cam Newton.

And he never lost an Egg Bowl in his time here.

Impressive resume I’d say.

Jeffrey Simmons is quite honestly the closest thing I’ve seen to Cox. Here’s hoping his career ends up taking a similar path to Fletcher’s. Hopefully we’ll some day see Fletcher getting a gold jacket in Canton, Ohio.