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Top 10 Mississippi State Football Players: #5 Eric Moulds (1993-1995)

With 5 days till the Bulldogs kick off the 2018 season, Gavin Mosley gives you his top 10 players in MSU history.

Moulds is by far one of the greatest athletes in school history. Though most of his records have been surpassed, it is not because those guys were better. Let’s face it. Those guys played one more season than he did and also played in a much different game than Moulds did.

Moulds was one of the first breakout stars Jackie Sherill ever had in Starkville. Over his three years of college football, Eric was able to compile: 118 receptions, 2022 yards, and 17 touchdowns. Not the most staggering numbers right? Well check this out. As a kick returner, Moulds has 29 returns and 828 yards to his credit. That’s good for an average of 28.6 yards per return. In 1994, Moulds not only led the SEC in average yards per return, but also the entire Division One NCAA. He had, statistically, the best season of all kick returners.

You see, Moulds wasn’t necessarily the greatest wideout in school history. But he was certainly the most versatile. There’s not too many players out there who can say they were not only a threat at wideout, but also as a kick returner. He ranks in the top 5 for most important receiving records and is still widely considered to be the greatest talent State ever produced in the 90s. This is evidenced by a long 12 year NFL career in which Moulds played for just 3 teams including spending almost a decade with the team that drafted him, the Buffalo Bills. As a matter of fact, he was such a star with Buffalo that the Bills placed him on their 50th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Not bad for a guy out of Cow Country.

Eric Moulds deserves to be in anyone’s top 10 greatest players. He’s got the numbers and the highlights to be a shoe in. But for me, the numbers just do not lie. He was outstanding and his name needs to be forever remembered. He deserves at least that from us.