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Top 10 Mississippi State Football Players: #4 Fred Smoot (1997-2000)

With 4 days till the Bulldogs kick off the 2018 season, Gavin Mosley gives you his top 10 players in MSU history.

First of all let me just say one thing:


Sorry for that outburst, but it’s just something I can’t control. It’s like the chorus of “Sweet Caroline” or “Don’t Stop Believing”. You just feel possessed to belt it out.

Oh goodness. Where. To. Begin.

Fred Smoot is one of the most recognizable names in school history. He was the last “Great One” of the Jackie Sherill era. No secondary player will ever be able to surpass what Smoot did at MSU. There are endless reason for that. Most notably, the fact that the two years he actually started, he was legendary.

In 1999, Smoot recorded 5 interceptions in 11 games. Smoot was a dominant presence at defensive back and no one tested him and got away clean. He was by far the best in the SEC and there was no one who didn’t see him as a huge threat. This led to Fred being named as a 1st Team All-SEC player. Smoot’s domination made him a star during his junior year. Once Smoot officially came back for his senior season, everyone knew one thing for sure: Fred Smoot was going to show out.

And show out he did. Smoot had another season almost identical to his junior year, and was once again named as a 1st Team All-SEC player. But that’s not the only team he was named to. Smoot was also named as a consensus All-American, only the second player in program history to be named to such a prestigious list. He still remains as the last Bulldog to be a consensus All-American.

Smoot’s exploits in college helped him be drafted in the 2001 NFL Draft. Selected 45th overall by the Redskins, Smoot would play from 2001-2009. Along the way, unfortunately, Fred’s NFL career was full of more controversy than good performances. But that still doesn’t take away from the great career Smoot had as a Bulldog. He will always have a home in StarkVegas. No one will EVER be as phenomenal as Fred Smoot. And that’s the bottom line.