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Why the SEC West remains College Football’s toughest division

While the Big Ten East is in the midst of a huge comeback, the SEC West remains the nation’s most competitive.

TaxSlayer Bowl - Mississippi State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In years past, the power 5 has been broken down by conference as it pertains to the competition within. But a new trend has emerged, as opinions are now based on divisions. That said, even though the Big 10 East has made its case as the most difficult, the SEC West reigns supreme. Here’s why.

It comes down to four simple reasons, as talent, coaching, fanbases, history are at their finest in the West. In addition, Mississippi State, who boasts all four characteristics mentioned above must get through a madhouse to get to the top. Within the division, the Bulldogs and its six contemporaries stand at an elite level.

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

But there is a fifth element that no other division has had in recent memory. Even if critics wish to say that the SEC West is void of the other four, there is no doubt that consistency is the one word that leaps to the top when describing the division which houses college football’s best.

Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Auburn. Is it the division with the most championships? No. But in terms of winning seasons, well there is no denial there for most of the seven. Furthermore, how many memorable moments have there been in the West? Come on now.

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

If Mississippi State can get through the division, the Bulldogs definitely have a strong case for the playoff. Considering that this year’s squad will be traveling to Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, and Oxford to face the Tide, Tigers, and Rebels, that will be a challenge in and of itself. Though Bama is in its own world, make no mistake the Bulldogs will have the kitchen sink to deal with elsewhere.

There is something special in college football when the SEC West is in primetime. It is inexplainable, but there is a whole new energy added to the game. Look for Mississippi State to have one of its best seasons in franchise history and jump out of the gate with a bang. The West will be at its finest, but the Bulldogs have everything and then some to push through and become the division’s newest face.