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A focus on key aspects that affect the Bulldogs football program in both positive and negative ways.

Picture Gallery: Mississippi State vs Samford

Well Bulldog fans, here we are just two days away from the start of the 2018 season where hopes are high and expectations are even higher surrounding the Mississippi State football program and new head coach Joe Moorhead.

During this season, LET’S TALK HAIL STATE will focus on key aspects that affect the Bulldogs football program in both a positive and negative ways. The articles will not discuss what happened in the games, I expect that most readers will know that information, but rather why it happened and what needs to change or stay the same moving forward. So buckle-up State fans, we might just be in for a wild ride this year.

Headed into this week’s match-up against Stephen F Austin, I would like to hit some hot topics that have popped up over the last few days.

First and foremost, there is no quarterback competition and everyone needs to stop trying to create one due to a one game suspension. Yep that’s right, you can see how some are trying to make this an issue but it’s not. I hope Keytaon Thompson has the game of his life Saturday and puts up some tremendous numbers for the bulldogs, but in the end he is still the back-up to Fitzgerald come Sunday. I look at this suspension as an opportunity to get Thompson some good reps and more experience.

Running Backs: don’t be shocked to see Kylin Hill receive the majority of the carries this season with his speed and vision outside the tackles. Aeris Williams is still the power between the tackles and together that will wear down even the toughest defensive line this season. It would not be unreasonable to think the bulldogs could have three thousand yard rushers this season with two in the back field.

Receivers: get excited about the passing game but not for the reasons you might think. Yes, we have talent on the edges with JUCO signee Stephen Guidry, I believe the wide outs are going to have many opportunities due to talented slot receivers in the middle most notably Austin Williams. Williams is a baller who can catch anything thrown his way and when you have to constantly protect the middle the edges become vulnerable. The passing game will be in play this year and in a big way. State will have two receivers above the five hundred yard mark this season.

Defense: We have possibly the best defensive line in the country with big names like Montez Sweat and Jeffery Simmons, along with tremendous depth on the line, but I want everyone to remember that Sweat will not be the only big time pass rusher coming off the end this season with Chauncey Rivers being eligible and Gerri Green moving from linebacker his senior year. Quarterbacks better grease those necks because their heads are going to be on a swivel against the Bulldogs. The only aspect of the defense that is still uncertain is the defensive backfield. Last year this unit left a lot to be answered and I believe that most of the blown coverages were due to defensive scheme. I am excited to see this group bounce back this year and be one of the best defensive backfields in the country. Prediction that state leads the SEC in interceptions and defensive scoring.

One last thing to the players, “Y’all better tighten those jock straps, because I don’t think Coach Moorhead is playing around” Just Saying!

So Hail State and rock those cowbells!