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T-Dawg’s Winners

SEC Week 1 Prognostications

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, college football is here and man am I ready. In fact I have been needing an infusion of football so bad that I was almost on life support. High school football started here in Alabama Friday night and that helped but getting with my brethren at DAWG Nation to make CLANGA ring through the night means that the BEST conference in all of college football is about to tee it up for another round. So without further ado....Away we go......

NW State (Louisiana) @ Texas A&M — The Aggies will ride the bus into College Station to see what all the hollering is about. They will find an army of Collies waiting for them and anxious for their first sacrifice to the college football gods. Now old Jimbo doesn’t plan to have any holes in the road showing up when the trip has just begun.

So Jimbo will mix a little Kellen Mond with some Nick Starkel and try rolling a set of loaded dice expecting a favorable outcome. Texas oil has greased this wagon about as well as they can so it will take a major disaster to cage Reveille this week. There just won’t be enough demons to hold and muzzle these canines this week. Look for the 12th, 13th and 14th man to get major playing time this week.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 41 - 16

CCU @ South Carolina — Muschamp’s 2018 version of the Gamecocks should be as good if not a touch better than last year’s flock. Jake Bentley returns at QB for a third season and has his dangerous weapons to share the feed with back in full force. The Gamecocks ordered up a different type of yard-bird to try their talons out on for the first contest. The Chanticleers haven’t figured out how to use their thorny appendage to their advantage though and Will’s cluckers will jump them before they get hardly a sniff of the worms buried in the ground. By the time it’s over the Chanticleers will be in the slaughter-house being prepared for packaging.

T-Dawg’s Winner: South Carolina 44 - 10

TSUN @ Texas Tech — Matt Luke will take his charter boat through the gulf to see what the Red Raiders are up to in Lubbock. Kliff Kingsbury came to Lubbock with so much promise of getting the Red Raiders climbing the ladder to fame and fortune. He has had no problem breaking into property everywhere and looting at will but he hasn’t found any hired help to keep the back door closed to protect what he brings back. Problem is, the competition takes points faster than Kliff can ring his up.

When the Red Raiders come out looking for treasure Luke’s Land Sharks will strike rapidly again and again so Kliff will keep swinging himself. By the time Luke heads back to Oxford with his fish the scoreboard may have blown every fuse in it. He might send a few bulbs back to help with repairs because of how giddy he’ll feel heading home.

T-Dawg’s Winner: TSUN 37 - 34

Austin Peay @ Georgia — The Governors thought it would be nice to plan a relaxing trip to Athens as they start their season. It won’t take long before they figure out that their tourist agency picked a bad time to visit though. Kirby Smart had his Bulldogs on the cusp of a title last year and they are anxious to get the show on the road again. There will be some new talent carrying the taters from house to house but there is enough back to insure that the Governors are quickly impeached then tarred and feathered before being run out of Athens.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 45 - 0

Central Michigan @ Kentucky — Mark Stoops had a golden chance last year to make hay in the SEC East but his Cats couldn’t draw enough blood to make a real run in the east. Instead it was more of the same. Although bowling again was nice 7 -5 seasons have gotten old for the Lexington faithful. If he can’t make real progress the chatter will start to get loud for the second longest tenured coach in the SEC.

Stoops will start a sophomore transfer at QB when Gunner Hoak thought his turn had arrived. The Wildcats have invited a band of Indians to Lexington for the weekend to break bread with and it is not even Thanksgiving. The Chippewas come to town thinking that they may just catch the Cats not yet fully awake after a long offseason. These Indians are no slouches and still know how to paddle a canoe with great skill. The Wildcats better be careful or the trap may snap shut on them. In a close one...............

T-Dawg’s Winner: Kentucky 27 - 24

Washington vs Auburn (@ Atlanta) The Huskies booked a visit to Atlanta thinking they would enjoy the rides at the local amusement park without all the long summer lines. If they had known a bunch of War Eagles were also planning a visit at the same time Coach Peterson might have tied parlaying in another local spot. Gus Malzahn, with the forty-nine million clams that were left on his doorstep sees nothing but good times ahead. His Tigers will do their best to throw the Huskies off any ride they like. Looks can be deceiving though and the Huskies will do their best to flatten the tires on the Gus Bus right out of the 2018 gate. Jarrett Stidham may have just a little more in his arsenal than Jake Browning does and the trip back to Seattle will be taken without any Eagle jerky in hand.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 30 - 21

Tennessee vs West Virginia (@ Charlotte, N.C.) — Jeremy Pruitt leads his Volunteer brigade into their first conflict together. This army will take time to sharpen their marksmanship and the Mountaineers will take full advantage of each missed target. Will Grier’s hillbillies will inflict damage at every opportunity. Jeremy Pruitt plans to use all he learned from Nick Saban to build up the fortifications at Rocky Top but that doesn’t help him in this battle. For now, the Volunteers can’t load their long-rifles fast enough to defend themselves and end up limping back to Knoxville heavily bandaged from a conflict they aren’t ready for yet.

T-Dawg’s Winner: West Virginia 36 – 24

UT Martin @ Missouri – The Sky-Hawks will try to catch a favorable jet stream and head to Columbia for a visit. It shouldn’t take Sky-Hawks coach Jason Simpson too long before he remembers why he fears these visits to SEC schools. Under his tenure he is 0 – 8 against the SEC and 1 – 19 against all FBS schools.

Drew Lock has his long range arm loaded to kill any birds in the Columbia sky and it’s a pretty good bet that he has the ammunition to put the Sky-Hawks on the seriously endangered list Saturday afternoon. Barry Odom’s striped cats will make a big pot of bird stew for supper before stuffing their pillows with Hawk feathers.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 45 – 20

Eastern-Illinois @ Arkansas – A pack of hungry panthers will look to slip into Fayetteville Saturday in hopes of taking down some inexperienced Razorbacks for their first ever SEC meal. EIU coach Kim Dameron played many a game in the secondary at Arkansas forty years ago but the homecoming won’t be one that he wants to keep a scrapbook of.

First year Arkansas coach Chad Morris doesn’t have the experienced porkers to really maul opponents yet but he will start 6-7 soph. Cole Kelley (his 1st start) at QB in hopes of dominating the parlor this go-around. There will be some anxious moments but pork won’t be on the menu when the Sun sets Saturday night.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Arkansas 28 – 15

Charleston-Southern @ Florida – The Swamp will be stirring Saturday night as the big lizards try to start reproducing a more exciting stock than has dwelt there recently. Feleipe Franks will try to lead his scaly friends as they attempt to catch a troop of Buccaneers walking closer to the swamp than they should be. It will be a re-birth process in Gainesville this year but look for the slimy lizards to make a meal of “Bucky” and his naïve pirate buddies this week.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 31 – 10

Middle Tennessee State @ Vanderbilt – Derek Mason’s Commodores have the Blue Raiders sailing north to Nashville for a return visit from last year. That Commodore naval attack wasn’t overwhelming but did result in capturing one of the few flags Mason could muster last year. Vandy is a completely different breed of SEC football but still wants a strong Navy that sinks more than it has sunk. Kyle Shurmur will try to keep Mason’s ship afloat as another campaign begins. When this is over the Blue Raiders should be walking the plank.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Vanderbilt 28 – 24

Louisville vs. Alabama (@ Orlando) – Pertrino’s flock of Cardinals will attempt to have one more pecking party before they head back north for the winter. Now if that sounds like they are heading in the wrong direction well your right. It’s like this, the last time these birds put cleats on a gang of DAWGS beat them with some solid CLANGA. Now “Louie” is still hearing cowbells and isn’t really sure what direction to head. When they hear the horns blowing from the charging elephants they will either figure it out quickly or you’ll see red feathers covering the ground. This shouldn’t be much more than scrimmage #4 for Saban’s boys.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 38 – 14

Miami vs. LSU (@ Arlington, TX) – The Texas coast is famous for having Hurricanes rip through right around Labor Day. This year a different type of Hurricane comes ashore right where Orgeron has secured lodging for the weekend. Now some folk think “Big Baby” will have his Bayou Bengals back in the elite of the West. Saturday night will begin to give some real answers as to whether they can withstand major storms hitting their house.

Many including myself think the Hurricanes will challenge the status quo in the ACC. When the winds subside Saturday night in Arlington Big Baby O may be spending days looking for the surviving toothless Tigers.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miami 31 – 16

Stephen F. Austin @ Miss. State – A new era begins at Davis-Wade Saturday night as one of the best new coaching hires begins his journey with an elite pack of Dawgs behind him. No-one expects more this year than Coach Moorhead himself. All the signs point toward a magical season in Stark-Vegas.

The Lumberjacks will try to bury their ax in Keytaon Thompson and the swarming pack of Dawgs that are ready to break out big-time. Unfortunately for the Lumberjacks these Dawgs have been through the SEC wars and there ain’t no little plastic ax going to frighten them. In fact don’t be surprised if Simmons, Sweat, Thompson and the rest of the Dawg defense doesn’t snatch those axes away and break them over their knee as the Lumberjacks shudder in fear. Keytaon GOT THIS!

T-Dawg’s Winner: Mississippi State 38 – 6

Get your bags packed, coolers loaded, game-day gear set out and ready and oh yes….Get your Clanga polished up and your arm motion down with some exercises because the DAWG Nation will be ringing loud, proud and responsibly more than ever. PTLGD!!!!