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Position Group Breakdown: Wide Receivers

Having struggled last year at this position, MSU looks to bounce back by having a talented WR roster

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Fans, if you followed Mississippi State last year you know what we needed to take our team from good to great. Wide Receivers. Specifically, a guy who stood out so it could open up our passing game. This season Mississippi State has an opportunity to take this team to great with the wideouts they have recruited and bring back.

Stephen Guidry

The 6’4 juco transfer from Hinds Community College has the potential to be our guy this season. His size, talent, and consistency could open things up for Nick Fitzgerald and the other wideouts. Expectations are high for Guidry and he seems to be having a solid fall camp.

Malik Dear

He’s back... Malik Dear was one of our key players back in 2016 was injured for all of last season. This year he returns and the expectations are high for the consistent Malik Dear. He was a reliable receiver in ‘16 and would always have a little something to show after the catch. His size could really work out well in the Joe Moorhead offense.

Devonta Jason

Aka... WHOP! The 6’3 freshmen showed us his talent in this year’s spring football game. If Guidry turns out to be everything we think he’s going to be then this could really open up Whop’s game. Jason has already shown us that he has the elusiveness and catching ability to make some crazy good plays this season.

Austin Williams

6’3 Freshmen from Ocean Springs, MS. No one had really ever heard of this man until the spring game this year. He showed out! It looks as if he rarely drops the ball, which is exactly what the JoMo offense could use... Consistency!

Keith Mixon

A guy that Fitz has heavily relied on the last two years. Mixon was out with some injuries throughout last season. Hearing he has had a solid fall camp and Nick Fitzgerald is happy to have one of his main guys back this season.

Deddrick Thomas

Coming in at 5’9... 190. Another reliable receiver that Fitz could throw to last year. The expectations are set high for this inside receiver. With the talent we have on the perimeter Fitz could be finding Thomas on an inside slant for most of this season.

With one of the most talented rosters we’ve had in history, these wide receivers look to take this team from good to great.