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Reasons Why Louisiana Lafayette is the Worst

The University of Louisiana is not good. I do not like them. They are not worth mentioning. But I will mention them in the following story. Please read on.

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Fans With Banners

It’s in Lafayette, LA. I don’t know much about Lafayette. But a trip to Trip Advisor will show you all of the hot spots around town. The number one thing to do (according to Trip Advisor) is to visit Lake Martin Rookery. Neato! Rounding out the top 5 is a church, a historical walking area, a cultural center, and historical/heritage tours. Sounds like a blast.

I’ve had family that used to live in Lafayette...and they did not enjoy their time there. I wanted to put that as delicately as possible. I will say they did enjoy the food. They went down there thinking ketchup was hot. A few years later they’re dousing everything with hot sauce. Maybe they didn’t like Lafayette because they lived in a trailer. Yes, I’ve had family that lived in a trailer. Now, I don’t want to bash Lafayette but this is my personal story so you can come at me if you want.

The official school colors are Vermilion and White. I guess I’m not as cultured as the fine people in Louisiana because I had to look up “vermilion.” It is red.

They are in the Sun Belt Conference. The Sun Belt Conference has been a thorn in Mississippi State’s side for a while now. We all now what happened in 2016 with South Alabama. Troy has played the Bulldogs close a few times. If Mississippi State ever had to play Appalachian State I know it would be closer than we want. Why does MSU continually agree to play these crappy games at Troy and South Alabama? You don’t see LSU or Alabama doing it. Why are we? SEC teams should not play at Sun Belt teams ever.

Richard Simmons attended LA - Lafayette. Simmons did not graduate from Louisiana - Lafayette but he did attend classes. Lafayette was too boring for Richard and his tastes so he packed up his bags and took his talents to Tallahassee and Florida State.

‘Swim for Relief’ Benefiting Hurricane Sandy Recovery - Day 2 Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Their on campus food leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The cafeteria is supposedly straight up nasty. This revelation is from a former student. Mississippi State’s cafeteria is awesome. I’m a little ashamed but the first time I tried fried okra was in the Perry. It changed my life.

The unofficial mascot is “Cayenne” the anthropomorphic cayenne pepper. He is terrifying. I’m not sure how the children of Lafayette sleep at night. I envision Cayenne as a Freddy Krueger type monster. He haunts people in their dreams.

Louisisana-Lafayette v NC State Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hail State Always