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T-Dawg’s Winners (Week 4)

Author, Tim Horton, is back with his week 4 prognostications

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Mississippi State Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Last week there were surprises galore both on the field and elsewhere. I told some of my friends in section 3 that I was through being nice to all SEC brethren and I am. Being nice resulted in my two loses last week. South Carolina didn’t play so I hit 9 of 11 correct and for the season am now 32 – 5 (86%). We get into mainly head to head SEC this week so it is going to get interesting quickly.

We were cruising along in the 2nd half getting lots of the back-ups into the game when I look down 2 rows and see that Coach “Jo Mo” had come up and sat down with us. Coach was soaking in what all the alumni and others in section 2 and 3 were doing to enjoy the game. Man he just fit right in with us telling stories, laughing and eating.

Your skeptical of what I’m saying? Well I am stretching it just a bit but hear me out friends. No, it wasn’t the REAL Coach Jo Mo but my newest friend could be our new coaches identical twin. From now on I’ll call him Taco. His real name is Rodger James. He is from Columbus, MS and owns The Mexican Kitchen in Columbus. Now honestly Taco is the spitting image of Jo Mo and even has his voice naturally. They say we all have a twin somewhere and I found Coach Moorhead’s. I’ll get a photo of Taco when we gather for Florida’s skull dragging. Until then stop by The Mexican Kitchen and ask for Taco. You’ll see the remarkable resemblance yourself.

Now for Week 4:

Georgia @ Missouri – Barry Odom’s felines journeyed up to West Lafayette last week and were nearly overcome by the strong home brew all around. It took some doing but escape they did, back to their home turf but now there is a pack of mean Bulldogs coming to call. Kirby has got his pure bred canines chomping at the bit to sink their teeth into meat again after mauling a barn full of Yard Birds last week. The Tigers will run as fast as they can around the stadium like Sambo trying to make butter before an off week next week. Kirby’s hounds are hungry for blood and Tiger hides.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 45 – 17

Kent St. @ Ole Miss – The Golden Flashes had a really weak signal in Happy Valley last week getting beat 63 – 10 while the Land Sharks had their own power outage against Saban’s Red Tide. Matt Luke had hoped to possibly out duel Tua but that bubbled busted fast. Next week the Sharks have to swim up the Bayou to Baton Rouge so Luke intends to use what little power the Flashes have to get their groove back on.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Ole Miss 54 – 18

Texas A&M @ Alabama – Jimbo had his Aggie Army ambush and scalp a whole bunch WarHawks last week in College Station. Next week there is a weak bunch of Hogs headed there for a barbecue but first Reveille has to make it through T-town. Saban has his boys on high alert for a certain breed of dogs heading their way looking for some bones with meat on them. Tua and friends will be more than able to fend off a stray dog and any thoughts they have of getting a meal. Jimbo won’t be able to leave until the Aggie flag is surrendered.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 45 – 16

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt – The Commodores sailed up to South Bend last week and honestly should have brought a pot-of-gold home with them. Alas, it slipped away so now they return home with renewed confidence and determination as Muschamp’s Cluckers slip into town looking for a weekend roost. The Gamecocks aren’t feeling very cocky after the thrashing they took last week. I’m reminded of momma sending me out to get a chicken for supper, which meant I had to ring its neck, then lay it on a stump to chop the head off. You watched the head lay on the ground silently pleading and the body flop around headless. Now the Gamecocks aren’t done yet but after last week they can’t endure another neck wringing. If they’re not careful they will get just that.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Vanderbilt in an upset special 29 – 27!!!

La. Tech @ LSU – The Tech-sters come to Baton Rouge thinking they can get a shampoo, doggie belt and other celebratory items to take back to the crib before Orgeron’s Bayou Bengals come back to earth following their locker room dance in Auburn. Big Baby “O” can’t seem to quit grinning from ear to ear as he prepares for a Land Shark attack heading his way. Problem is there is a pack of dogs at his back door this week. If Big baby can’t get his high flyers down to earth these dogs may take a bite out of something other than crime. This could be a nail bitter.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 30 – 24

Florida @ Tennessee – Coach Mullet is trying to teach a hot dog to play quarterback but Franks isn’t catching on very fast as evidenced by the second lowest QB ranking in the SEC. The Geckos are utilizing an aquarium on wheels for three of the next four weeks, which will test how slippery they can be. Meanwhile Pruitt’s Volunteers have been working on their sharp shooting skills fine-tuning for a murder’s row of Georgia, Auburn and Alabama. Both teams are feeling a sense of urgency as major storms are on each of their horizons. The Gator’s spell over Kentucky ran out two weeks ago and the Volunteer voodoo may lose its power next. This will be a turning point for these two teams.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 27 – 21

Arkansas @ Auburn – Chad Morris is having a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to stop his hogs from bleeding out. Truth is, it may be too late. The opportunities to fatten his four-legged friends up may be gone now. The Hogs were taken to the woodshed last week by The Mean Green and it wasn’t for anything a Razorback wants to remember.

Gus is still wondering what happened to his fantasy for this season? The Plainsmen may have been exposed for all to see by Big Baby. Jarrett Stidham is as good as they come unless he has pressure coming at him then he falls to the bottom of the SEC in QB rankings. If the offensive woes aren’t solved long term the season may be headed down and out.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 51 – 7

Mississippi St. Bulldogs @ Kentucky Wildcats – The Dawgs begin their journey through the SEC searching for what will hopefully be a magical season but it must be played one game at a time. The Wildcats will provide the first real test of the season for Moorhead’s offense. If the first three acts have been a true indicator then these Dawgs will run like a greyhound in Lexington this Saturday. Currently Moorhead has the Dawgs 2nd in Total Offense 20 yards behind 1st place A&M. State leads the SEC in team rushing and is 5th in team passing. Fitzgerald is close to setting the all-time record for rushing by a QB in SEC history while replacing Dak in all areas of State’s offensive record book. Starting this week we will see just how far he has progressed. Fitz to Guidry (feature photo) looked awfully good last week.

Stoops Wildcats will need to keep pace with Fitzgerald Saturday but Sweat, Simmons, Thompson, Abram and the rest of the Dawg pound have State’s defense 23rd in the nation (3rd in the SEC, 260 yds/gm).

Stoop’s Wildcats have momentum but it is put up or shut up time now for both teams.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 38 – 16

Pre-season is over. The journey truly begins. How much cannibalism will the SEC West undergo? Feel free to comment but please get out and support your school and share in the passion and pageantry of college football. I’m looking forward to getting together with Taco at the Florida game and enjoying the atmosphere of the DAWG NATION FAMILY.