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T-Dawg’s Winners

Week 2 Prognostications

Tim Horton

Week 1 is in the books. Surprises? Yeah Miami laid an egg to me leaving me at 13 -1 for Week 1. I know we have a lot to clean up but hopefully we get better week by week. Maybe getting an easy lead and then a large lead lowered our concentration, not sure. I had a chance to meet old friends and make new ones. I sat with Gabe O’Neal (2007 Croom era). We talked about his interception against Tulane, the wins over Alabama and the culture before and after Croom. Really enlightening. Gabe was the first Croom recruit.

I also met a family from north Alabama who brought their kid/ grandson to his first college game. He had a choice of where he wanted to go, he wanted to see Miss. State! His name is Spencer Dowland and his granddad is Lynn. Spencer came to summer camp at State and was highly impressed with the coaching he and others got as well as the talks on doing good things with their lives. I was very impressed by this young man. I didn’t see them after the game so if you guys are reading this let me hear from you.

Spencer plans to come again and again until he gets a chance to play here. Spencer wears a size 14 shoe NOW. Spencer is ……11 years old…WOW! Keep working and keep the faith Spencer. See you in 2 weeks?

Now week 2 Prognostications:

Nevada @Vanderbilt -- The Wolfpack struggled with Portland State (wait, who?) before winning 72 – 19. QB Ty Gandhi ( I mean Gangi) kept throwing to his wide-out Mannix (wait is he still a Private Investigator?). The Commodores pounded the Blue Raiders into submission last week as they captured their first flag of the season. The Wolf Pack will not be able to slip into Fort Nashville un-noticed and when Derek Mason gets word the canines are near he will tell his boys to “Drop the Anchor” on them.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Vanderbilt 35 – 24

Arkansas St. @ #1 Alabama – Another set of wolves, Red Wolves, have planned an outing to Title-Town in hopes of catching some young elephants unprotected. They honed their skills last week against SEMO St. 48 – 21 but they will find these Big Pachyderms have a tough hide and big foot. After the yelping is all done the Red Wolves won’t be able to find their way out fast enough with all the road construction around campus. When Saban shoots the final gun there will be more road kill than you can count on your fingers and toes.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 58 – 6

#3 Georgia @ #25 South Carolina – Somebody going to the cellar in the SEC East this week.

Last week I picked the Georgia game perfectly 45-0, nice. Muschamp’s Cluckers found a belly full of worms last Saturday winning 49 – 15. They will need all that protein this week when the Georgia Bulldogs run out the gates looking for yard-bird to consume. There will be plenty of crowing before the game as the Dogs calmly look for the weaker ones, heck they’ll take a bite of any chicken they can. I’m not sure these Roosters are ready to play defense and all offense will get you plucked every time.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 31 – 20

Southern Illinois @ Ole Miss – Yeah I said those words. I’m trying to change my ways a little bit so I will say those 2 words at least for now. I have grown to respect what Matt Luke is doing up north (oops). I picked them and they really smoked Tt and left them walking naked in the Texas sun. The Salukis? The what? A saluki is an Arabian bred long-legged dog bred to run down foxes, gazelles and wabbits (I know but it’s funny). Now there are 2 of those things in north Mississippi but before any dang Saluki goes hunting for them varmints he better know where the Bears and “Land Sharks” are waiting,(I will never get use to that, c’mon respect yourself). The strays the dog-catcher doesn’t get the Land Sharks will.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Ole Miss (I’m trying tuk!) 59 – 6

East Tenn. State @ Tennessee – Ol’ Smokey couldn’t find much game last week as the Mountaineers knew their territory much better than their guests. The Volunteers have a lot of growing to do before they are ready to fire their elder’s long-rifles. The young Volunteers will try to improve their aim when a bunch of Buccaneers tries to invade Rocky Top. The Buccaneers quieted the Thundering Herd last week 28 – 7 w/o their coach who was suspended. They will have a well-planned assault against the defenders of the fort. Do not be shocked at an upset here.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Tennessee 28 – 24 (maybe) or lose 31 - 28 but I will go with the win.

#2 Clemson @ Texas A&M – The Tigers from Death Valley make a trip down to College Station to see what Jimbo’s new spread looks like. Dabo ordered Furman for an appetizer last week for his big cats. They had no trouble in digesting the Paladins and now will be looking for some fresh dog meat. All was Heaven with Reveille and her friends last week but times are a changing. Dabo’s Tiger’s taste buds are dancing in anticipation of their next meal. Jimbo’s Aggies will put up a fight but they are not ready for Dabo to turn his Tigers loose in Aggie Land.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Clemson 37 – 16

SE Louisana @ #11 LSU – There is a cat-fight scheduled for Baton Rouge Saturday night. Lions don’t normally go wandering around in the bayous and the visitors from Hammond will start to understand why rather quickly. The road trip to ULM didn’t go well last week but it doesn’t compare to what Coach O has planned for the Lions. Tigers are very territorial and if Orgeron can put his Tigers on the right scent the Lions will be dispersed rather quickly.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 44 – 10

Wyoming @ Missouri – The Cowboys mosey on into Columbia, Missouri hoping to throw a lasso around a different breed of cat from what they tangled with last week as they lost to Wash. St 41 – 19. Coach Gary Odom is molding his felines for a fight with a bad pack of Georgia Bulldogs in two weeks. The Tigers better not get caught looking ahead or these Cowboys will have them lassoed and branded. I don’t think that will happen because this pride of Tigers will have no problem unseating the Cowboys from their saddles.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 42 – 20

Alabama St. @ #7 Auburn – Gus had a hearty meal at the Waffle House when he and Christy rumbled back into town. A good meal always taste better after getting something that you may not have deserved. The Plains Tigers slipped one by their cousins from Seattle last week and will not be bothered by some Hornets without a stinger. Gus is teaching swatting with a purpose this week so when ASU arrives the Tigers will have no problem creating piles of bug juice.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 56 – 0

Arkansas @ Colorado St. – The Rams will be making their last run at a win on their three game home-stand. They have taken two major shearings in a row and now a pack of Razorbacks is thinking about ripping the horns slap off of the head of as many Rams as possible. The excitement is catching on as the Razorbacks dream about SEC wins to come. Coach Morris knows he has to keep the porkers grounded though so they can holler “Woo Pig-Suey” every time a Ram is de-horned.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Arkansas 44 – 21

Kentucky @ #25 Florida – The Swamp came alive with those big lizards crawling all over each other to get at their dinner guests last Saturday. After their bellies were filled they crawled up on the banks and belched as they digested Bucky and his friends from CHSO. Now some self-declared super Cats from Lexington come in looking to dissect some Gators and collect hides. Before Stoops can count the hides his Cats will have to survive those nasty sharp teeth and the swamp water. That task may be too much to swallow.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 34 – 21

#18 Miss. State @ Kansas State – The Wildcats had a difficult time rounding up them pesky Jackrabbits from South Dakota St. 27 – 24. Now The Dawg Nation comes calling with more heartache than any Jackrabbit can even dream of delivering. There will be Moor-Cowbell ringing than Coach Snyder can possibly silence. Manhatten hasn’t been sacked like what’s coming since the border wars with Missouri 150 years ago. Nick Fitzgerald will stretch his legs for the first time this year and the long strides will be heading into the end zone leaving Wildcats in his dust. Simmons and Sweat will hold prayer meetings with the Wildcat QB between them on a regular basis.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 45 – 20

So that is enough prognosticating for this week. Whoever your team is support them and encourage them. The season is still young but SEC head to head games are coming soon. Will the SEC teams beat up each other this season or will someone rise above. Will anyone come through the SEC West unbeaten? SEC football is back, ain’t life good?

I’ll see you in StarkVegas again next weekend. Until then, PTLGD!