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Today’s game was REAL BAD. Lots of things about today’s game were REAL BAD. Check out all the things that were REAL BAD on twitter.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a new article series for games that go REAL BAD. Today’s game vs. the Tennessee Volunteers was REAL BAD. Maybe these tweets that I’ve found can help you sulk and not make you feel AS BAD.

We’ll start with a tweet from yours truly. I feel as if I was speaking for most of the fan base today. Joe Moorhead was already on the verge of losing most of the fan base, and I think today set fans over the edge. Sticking with Moorhead up until now was honestly... REAL BAD.

@ SEC Network thanks for announcing you guys are coming to Starkville next weekend for the LSU game. We’re REAL EXCITED ... I’m guessing there will be a total of six freshmen students out there in the Junction at 9 AM to greet Tim Tebow and the guys. SEC Network, this was a REAL BAD decision.

oof. Kylin Hill liking tweets mid-game? This right here is REAL BAD.

Noah. You should know better. For those of you who know our social manager, Noah Mashburn, you know that he’s 0-for when on the road watching the Dawgs. Noah’s road trips are always ... REAL BAD.

NO. NO. NO. yep. We are officially worse than Tennessee. They outcoached us and outplayed us. I guess this just means we’re REAL BAD at football.

Shrader ... my guy ... Fans love you. I love you. We expect to see some big things from you in the future. You were not necessarily *whispers real bad* but your coach preparing you for this road game was REAL BAD.