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Grinding in the SEC

What is in your wallet OR Who is your backup QB?

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi State vs Iowa Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Every week it seems that somebody steps up and somebody trips and falls as the season wears on in the Southeastern Conference. If Vanderbilt can rise from the dust to throw the SEC East into a race yet again, then maybe someone can do the same in the West. Nothing is for sure, which is why you must play out your cards in a season.

Georgia, Florida, TSUN and Vanderbilt are taking a siesta this week.

No. 9 Auburn @ No. 2 LSU: Gus and his Tiger cubs got back on the bus in Fayetteville, Arkansas, after having a belly full of grilled pork. After getting home Saturday night, Gus had the bus checked out for one final road adventure this season, but after the excursion to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it will be home cooking for the rest of this year. The “Tiger Bowl” has belonged to the Cajuns lately. but Bo Nix thinks he knows how to change that.

The Bayou Bengals made a visit to Stark-Vegas last weekend where they found that a Bulldog can give a serious bite. Joe Burrow had to do everything he could, including showing his rear, in order to escape with a win. “Big Baby O” sees a date with that red elephant looming on the horizon and plans to show Bo he doesn’t know a thing about voodoo in the bayou.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 38 - 24

South Carolina @ Tennessee: Muschamp’s Cluckers laid another egg at home, one week after performing a miracle in Athens, Georgia against the Bulldogs. Confidence was at an all-time high as he stepped out of the tunnel in his scarlet cape ready to dazzle the home crowd with the flying and flogging abilities of his yard birds. It never happened. though, as the Gators stripped his cape away and took a bite out of Muschamp.

The Volunteers seemed to have been ready to capitalize on their newfound sharpshooting skills when they went safari hunting in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. While it is true that Pruitt’s army has fine-tuned their close order drills, big-game hunting may still be a little bit of a stretch. However, wringing a few chicken necks would seem to clearly be within the Volunteer’s skill set. The series between these two has been three up then three down lately. It’s time for three up, “Rocky-Top” sings again.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Tennessee 27 - 24

Arkansas @ No. 1 Alabama: Chad Morris desperately tried to get his Porkers in position to maul some Mild-Cats last week, but they got ripped by those sharp claws instead. No matter what the Pigs may do, there doesn’t appear to be a chance for another “W” anywhere ahead. At least the Hogs feel loved, they have been invited to a Homecoming in Tuscaloosa.

Mac Jones will try to get the Crimson Tide’s ground attack going again after a long absence. If he struggles, then Tua II will be on standby to throw a few bombs like his older brother does. Saban is almost jovial at the chance to play old-school football again, using the Razorbacks as dummies. It is true that Pigs love mud, and it will help, but it will not stop the rain or the Tide. Hogs wallow, Tide Rolls.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 42 - 14

Missouri @ Kentucky: Barry Odom and his Tigers had everything working for them until they made a visit to Music City. They couldn’t keep the beat to the Commodore music, which resulted in an epic flop. The Columbia Felines can’t afford another misstep with the beasts of the east dead ahead.

Immediately after devouring the barbeque pork that wondered into the farm, Stoops began to make snares of every fashion in hopes of catching enraged Tigers heading back to Missouri. Stoops understands they can’t get to the promised land this year, but he knows it would be oh so sweet to detour a larger breed of cat and spoil their plan. When you get into a cat fight, it usually helps to be the bigger cat.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 34 - 17

Miss. State @ Texas A&M: Jimbo was feeling excited after getting a win in Oxford, Mississippi, and hopes to get a streak going over the next month. The end of the road is loaded against Reveille and the cadets. Jimbo needs to stack up the wins while he can, and making a Dawg of a different breed his next victim seems to fit right into his plan.

The Dawgs tried to recover last week, and find themselves against Big Baby O’s Bayou Bengals. While improving in many areas, it wasn’t enough against Big Baby, but Bully did manage to show the world how much of a butt Burrow could be. Coach Jo Mo hopes to get a rare win on the road at College Station, Texas, and improve the opportunity to go bowling.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Miss. State 27 – 24

As always, agree or disagree. Opinions are just like names, we all have one.

Hail State!