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Texas A&M Q&A

Everything you need to know about the Aggies this weekend

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 19 Texas A&M at Ole Miss Photo by Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

1. Texas A&M is coming off a tight road win at Ole Miss. The Aggies pulled this one out by a score of 24-17. Did most A&M fans believe that they would win by more, or was that expected?

At the beginning of the season, yeah I think most fans would have expected a bigger win. We’ve learned to readjust our expectations, so getting out of an SECW road game with a W was good enough for most people at this point.

2. Kellen Mond threw for 172 yards and two interceptions vs. Ole Miss. Mond obviously didn’t have his best game vs. Ole Miss, but he still found a way to win on the road in the SEC, which is difficult. What is the expectation for Mond this season?

The expectation heading into 2019 was for him to show continued improvement, just like he did last year over his first year as a starter. That hasn’t really panned out, but at the same time, he’s really the only thing holding this offense together. Fisher has stuck by Mond the entire time, and he’s shown he’s got the skills to shine against top competition. His supporting cast has not been nearly as consistent as last year, and losing our #1 RB to injury for the season in week 2 didn’t help any.

3. A&M is on 4-3 on the season and 2-2 in the SEC with wins over Ole Miss and Arkansas. Where did most Aggie fans believe the team would be at this point in the season?

Even though it feels much worse than 4-3, I think most Aggies had us pencilled in to be sitting at 5-2 at this point, with losses to Clemson and Alabama, so we’re really not *that* far off-track. Yet.

4. THE 70 MILLION DOLLAR MAN. What are the thoughts going around College Station about Jimbo Fisher and his tenure at Texas A&M?

Hoo boy. There certainly aren’t any calls for his head or any talk of a hot seat yet, but frustrations are simmering on the back burner. If he can’t pull out the win this week, that heat’s going to crank up a little bit.

5. It looks like this game could be battle for fourth in the SEC West standings. What’s your prediction on Saturday (win/loss and score)?

Ahh, the promised land. There’s much to play for. I expect this to be just like every other SECW game under Jimbo (save Alabama): a one-score affair. Probably 31-27 A&M or something like that with plenty of 3-and-outs, turnovers, and special teams drama. Perfect way to start your Saturday. It just means more.