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Answer Me This: What Surprised You Most?

Week 9 brought multiple surprises to college football, but which one surprised you most?

Oklahoma v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Week 9 came with many surprises this week. The Mississippi St. Bulldogs were not one of them. I do wish I could be more positive.

The biggest surprise for most people and the winner of our FanPulse question of the week was the Kansas State Wildcats upsetting Jalen Hurts and the Oklahoma Sooners. That Kansas State loss doesn’t look as bad now, right?

I, myself, am very shocked that the Michigan Wolverines stomped Notre Dame as they did on Saturday. This Notre Dame loss makes me think Georgia isn’t nearly as good as we once believed.

Wait? Rutgers won a game? Does this mean they’re not looking for a coach anymore? Crap.

All in all, it was still a grand week 9. Praying that week 10 brings us a dub.

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Comment below what surprised you the most about week 9 of college football.