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Opponent Q&A: Arkansas Razorbacks

Everything you need to know and more on this week’s opponent, the Arkansas Razorbacks

Colorado State v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Talking with Tucker Partridge from

1. How are things going? You guys doing okay? It’s okay, we’re in this thing together.

They’ve been better. I’ve been happier. I’m glad someone is there to share in our pain, because it is a deep and lasting pain.

2. Okay for real, what’s the fan base like going into a week where they feel like they might actually have a chance to beat an SEC school?

I think the fan base overall feels that this is the best chance for an SEC win for the rest of the season. Whether anyone is feeling confident about it is another matter. We expected Alabama and Auburn to annihilate us, and they did, but that still doesn’t feel good. I think everyone would be enthusiastic about a win, but no one is expecting it.

3. Chad Morris. How do those two words sound to you and the rest of your fan base right now?

To me and the fan base as a whole, I think weary may be the best word. I’m higher on Chad Morris than most people I speak with, but that doesn’t mean much. People want a winner, and thus far, Chad hasn’t been able to do that at Arkansas. I think a win against Mississippi State would 100% guarantee him another year, but the fact that we’re even discussing his future in year two is not fun.

4. What is Arkansas’ strongest position group?

We definitely have a strong group that stands out… for sure. Seriously, it’s probably our running backs, but it might be our wide receivers? Rakeem Boyd is the surest thing on the team, we just haven’t been running a lot, because we are bad. The young wideouts look very promising, but they’re incredibly young, and our quarterback struggles don’t help out much there. Something different breaks every week on defense, so I can’t really point to there. Connor Limpert is a good kicker! He’s strong!

5. Both teams are struggling. It’s @ Arkansas. What must the Razorbacks do to win? Prediction?

We have to have someone play quarterback well. I don’t care if it’s Ben Hicks, Nick Starkel, John Stephen Jones, KJ Jefferson, or the ghost of Casey Dick. Someone needs to step up. Otherwise, I don’t think things are going to go well. I’m going to go with an optimistic 24-20 Hogs win. Would not be surprised if State won 56-50 though based on the way this season has gone.