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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Week 12

Let’s Talk Hail State

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Hello Bulldog Fans, here we are in the final stretch of the 2019 football season with just two regular season games remaining. It is hard to believe just how fast this season has flown by. The season has left many Mississippi State fans scratching their heads as to why in the hell did we hire coach Joe Moorhead? I stated last week that the only way I can even begin to see how Moorhead could survive another season here in Starkville is to find a way to win six games. Yes, you read that right. Six games, not seven or eight, but SIX!!!!!

I mean, what in the world is going on here? We will end up playing four nonconference games, meaning we only had to win two conference games to get there. To make matters worse, we lost to Kansas State at home and then we lost to Tennessee who hasn’t won a Southeastern Conference game since November of last year. Both games should have been victories this season.

So, here we are headed into what most would call a pretty easy game against the Abilene Christian Wildcats this weekend. The Wildcats currently have a 5-6 record and have nothing to lose coming into Davis Wade Stadium on Saturday. The Bulldogs should make quick work of this game and then turn their focus to the most important game of the year on Thanksgiving against those damn Water Bears. I mean land rebels, or Black Sharks, or whatever they call themselves this week.

There is potential that the only bowl both Mississippi teams play in this this year could be the Egg Bowl. Ole Miss is out of the running after their tough loss to LSU last week. I must admit that the Baby Bears put up quit a fight against the Tigers. Every State fan that is able to make it to the Egg Bowl really needs to be in Davis Wade Stadium on Thanksgiving rocking two bells each. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, if we lose to TSUN this season, we will destroy our opportunity for a 10-year bowl streak and we would have to listen to those damn Land rebels for months, or until bear week comes back on. WHAT!!!!!

If we lose, then I say we go after Todd Grantham. Here’s why we can get him: His son Corbin Grantham just committed to play baseball for the Bulldogs. That’s right!

I think this would be a great hire, and I also want to see our defense back to old form. In addition, I want to see a true offensive coordinator in the skybox who is focused on calling plays instead of trying to coach a team at the same time. So, go get Grantham!!!!!!!!!!

With that being said, Let’s Talk Mississippi State Football, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Week 12.


I believe we saw some of the best linebacker play this season this past Saturday against Alabama. Erroll Thompson is a beast and he showed it the entire game. The defensive line, which has shown improvement throughout the season, also had a good game.

Tommy Stevens has now finished two games without a stretcher and has been pretty effective using his legs as he rushed for 96 yards on 10 carries. Not a bad day on the ground for the senior transfer, and I will leave it at that and won’t mention the passing game.

It is also good to know we actually have a good chance of winning this week at home and in a big way. Go Dawgs, beat those Wildcats!!

The BAD!

How about our defensive backfield? I mean, we put Alabama in several third-and-long situations, but they passed their way out of it every single time. All season long, our secondary has had very little consistency. There is too much talent in that department to be playing this way after 10 games.

Could someone please tell me why in the world we ran a short pass play to start the game with two receivers that ran their routes about three yards apart in the middle of six Alabama defenders? Here’s your sign!!!

Lastly, is there anything that can make Moorhead get angry on the sidelines? Like, maybe penalties, interceptions, fumbles, unsportsmanlike conduct, flirting with the cheerleaders of the other team, anything? I mean, what in the world gets this guy going? I mean, it is very disappointing to see bad things happen during the game and our coach just acting like there’s nothing to see here.


This week’s ugly is the injury to Tua Tagovailoa. I believe everyone really likes this young man and the way he plays the game. I mean, he is a true role model in college football and shows the good in sport. He is another great football player that loves the game and plays it with true passion. I like to compare him to the likes of Tim Tebow and Dak Prescott. All three are examples of how a college athlete should be.

I am sure I speak for all Mississippi State fans and players in hoping Tua has a fast and full recovery and our prayers are with him during this tough time.