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Day Trip to Oxford.

I took a day trip down to Oxford last Saturday for the MSU @ Ole Miss Basketball Game. Here’s a recap of my time in Oxford and the Pavilion.

Last Saturday I took a road trip down from Memphis to Oxford with two of my buddies. Full disclosure, one is a State fan and the other an Ole Miss fan. See! MSU and Ole Miss fans can be friends!

One thing I do like about Oxford is it’s relative closeness to Memphis. For me and many other Bulldog fans he hour and a half drive is much easier than the two and half hour drive, especially if it is a day trip.

Driving into Oxford feels like a different place. The north Mississippi hills are a far cry from the coast, delta plains, or any other part of Mississippi. Turn onto University/314 from US 7 and you are now in Oxford. I get more of a North Carolina vibe than Mississippi. Strange I know but that was my first gut reaction so I am going with it.

Parking on the square can be a nightmare. We had a local hookup with my friend’s brother. He let us park at the Powerhouse. We had a short walk from there to the square.

The Powerhouse and buddy #1.

Oxford has ton of places to eat. We decided to go to Boure’ based on numerous recommendations. We also wanted to stay on the square. It was very busy with people grabbing a bite before the game. We were seated quickly and were on the tail end of the crowd. Took about an hour for food to arrive but my club sandwich and fried okra were very good.

After walking back to the Powerhouse we drove on campus and parked between the Law School and Tad Pad. Parking was free. It’s been a few years since the Hump has seen my shadow. Is parking free around the Hump on gamedays?

Following will be a bunch of photos of The Pavilion at Ole Miss. It’s super fancy y’all.

Hill Drive Entrance to the Pavilion
Immediately inside the Hill Drive entrance. Also that’s my Ole Miss friend. He has incredible hair.
View from the concourse.
Views from our seats. SEC. 109 ROW 11
Bring Raising Cane’s to Starkville immediately.
Projectors in the concourse.
Halftime in the concourse.
Ole Miss fans need snacks too.
Ole Miss Wall of Fame.
All American Club. Rich people seats.

One cool thing about the Pavilion was the amount of standing room. At both ends of the arena were open areas with small bar table type places where you can stand, eat, drink, and watch the game. The views are actually very good. I had a thought. If you don’t mind standing you could buy some cheap seats and instead of getting a nosebleed you can find a standing spot. Get there early though. The places tended to be crowded with folks. Check out some of those views below.

View from the south end concourse.
View from concourse outside SEC. 108-109
Best new slogan in college sports: “Fins Up. Phones Out.”
I actually like the natural light at the north end of the stadium. Really wish we could incorporate this at the Hump.

After the Bulldog win we walked back to the car. On the way we decided to do a little bit of exploring. The Tad Pad was still open.

Tad Pad Concourse.
Tad Pad Concourse.

Headed out of Oxford.

As quick as our day in Oxford began it was over.

Oxford is like Nickelback, it sucks but if you’re being completely honest you like it a little bit.

Hail State Always.