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Mississippi State Women’s Basketball: A team you should faithfully believe in.

In an athletics program that is known for breaking our hearts, it seems that there is finally a team that is giving us more happy tears than sad. Let’s discuss why:

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament - Mississippi State vs Tennessee Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Missed field goals, blown leads, missed shots, losing in the big games. These have all become synonymous with our different athletic’s programs, but now we have a team that has been breaking the mold and are giving us a reason to keep believing.

Big game after big game. Big shot after big shot. Year after year, the curse always seems to be broken when it comes to Vic Schaefer and his girls. Whether it’s winning the big games, hitting the big shots, or doing them both in one video:

In it’s forth straight appearance in the SEC tournament final, the magic looks like it will continue to grow. A probable SEC tournament trophy, back-to-back Regular Season Titles, another deep run at the NCAA Title... how has he broken the curse? What is the secret?

Is it coaching?





None of the above. We have had great coaches in Rick Stansbury, Dan Mullen, and John Cohen. We have had great players like James Varnado, Dak Prescott, and Brent Rooker. We have had great schemes and one of the best fanbases in the country, especially for our football and baseball programs. So what truly separates Vic Schaefer and his team from the others? The answer:


Led by a coach, very outgoing and passionate about his faith and relationship with the Lord, this team has been taken to unprecedented heights. He coined the term “Praise the Lord and Go Dawgs”, gives the glory to Him in his post game interviews, and makes it the center of his basketball team. Before their Sunday games, like the ones the Dawgs play today, Coach Schaefer shares Bible devotionals with team before they go play.

He has realized his job is bigger than basketball, that his impact and legacy can be more than a Final Four victory or an SEC Championship. In an interview with, Schaefer talks about the call to be a fisher of men, or in this case a fisher of men and women:

In a world where faith can often get lost, Coach Schaefer has continued to make it relevant and in a big way. Not because it wins him games, not because it is what is marketable, but because that is who he is. Even going back to his days at Arkansas and Texas A&M, he always taught preached the importance of the Lord’s presence in the team. And as he has continue to preach, he has ben continued to be blessed with success.

For Vic Schaefer, it truly has been “Praise the Lord and Go Dawgs”, and it is what makes this team something incredibly special.

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Kansas City Regional-Mississippi State vs UCLA Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports