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So... Who’s our next QB?

Is it an obvious answer or are we jumping the gun?

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

We all have our opinions going into the 2019 Mississippi State football season, but we’re also not at every single spring practice. Who will be the Bulldog’s starter? Is it going to be a tight race for QB1? Will a true freshman come in and receive playing time? I won’t be able to give you all the answers, but I’ll give you my thoughts on the 2019 quarterback position.

First things first, who are the candidates?

  1. Keytaon Thompson (6’4, 225, Jr.)
  2. Jalen Mayden (6’2, 225, RSFr.)
  3. Garrett Shrader (6’4, 215, Fr.)

These are the three guys that have a serious chance to get some serious playing time in my opinion. So, let’s talk about each of them and why they deserve their shot.

Keytaon Thompson

I think if we all had to put money on who our starter would be come August then we’re going with KT. There was a time last season where KT’s name was being called very frequently because of some poor QB play from Nicky Fitz. During the first game of the 2018 season vs Stephen F. Austin, KT ended up having a pretty solid game which probably caused many fans to get a little too excited. I, myself, was always hesitant to throw KT into the starting position last year. I think he had some room to grow, and I hope he has grown. If I had to give one reason that KT should start this year (besides experience), it would be that this kid works extremely hard. Go watch the highlights of the 2017 Gator Bowl when freshmen, Keytaon Thompson out-worked the entire Louisville defense.

Jalen Mayden

Did everyone forget this kid was on the team? Remember when all the hype was around the kid from Texas headed to Starkville, Mississippi? Unless Jalen is just a horrific practice player, I can see him getting some serious PT. His arm in high school was something that was always attractive to college coaches around the country. He came in for a couple of snaps last year. Enough to not use up his redshirt. As a RS freshman, I’m hoping he is continually learning more and more about the Moorhead offensive scheme. You know he’s competing day in and day out to get snaps this season.

Garrett Shrader

The true freshmen out of Charlotte, NC. Joe Moorhead’s first QB recruit. Possibly the quarterback that best fits the Moorhead scheme. Sure, Joe could use up his four games he gets as a redshirt... OR this kid could play. Actually play. Would it be so bad to have a freshman receive actual SEC experience in his first year and grow into a polished QB? I’m not saying he is our guy, but I am saying don’t be too shocked if you see Garrett Shrader more than you thought you would in this 2019 football season.