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Best of the Best of the Best in Starkville

You want to know the best in town, and we just happen to be (sort of) experts.

There are so many people who visit Starkville for the very first time every football season. It is hard imagining not knowing one of the most unique college towns out there, but believe it or not, those people do exist. If you are not familiar with the town, you might not know where to eat some of the best food Mississippi has to offer and where to get your best Mississippi State gear. So we here at FWtCT wanted to put something together to help all you strangers out. After polling many experts (twitter followers) and me, myself an expert in food, (weigh 200+ pounds) here is what we came up with:

The Go-To:

Two Brothers and The Veranda are two of the places that will have my business any time that I am in Starkville. But I sat down and wrote this, with my eyes closed, praying that I would give them the correct answer. So I left it to science, I closed my eyes again and imagined what food I would put in my mouth... science said that food was delicious street tacos with juicy pulled pork. And with that, this statement is now a fact: Two Brothers is your go-to restaurant in Starkville, MS.

Starkville’s Staples:

  • Bulldog Burger: How many places can you get a cool looking Bulldog on your bun? One of the busiest places in town is a must visit when in search for an All-American delicacy.
  • Commodore Bob’s: While on the pricier and high-end options, this place is another place that is just incredible food and incredible service. This is normally something that I will stop by on Sunday on the way out of town. The steak is to die for.
  • Little Dooey’s: If you ask ESPN’s Peter Burns where he makes a stop at when he is in town, without hesitation you will here this stop as your answer. The catfish is some of the best eatin’ in the south. If you do anything, it better be eating catfish at Little Dooey’s.
  • Restaurant Tyler: Another place that is in high regards to several different ESPN personalities when they come to visit. Restaurant Tyler is an excellent option to stop by and enjoy some delicious steak.
  • Strange Brew Coffee: Do me a favor, do not just read the sign out front, go in and get some coffee. The Albino Squirrel. Just do it. It will change your life.

The After Party:

It feels criminal to leave StaggerIn off of these list, so please eat at StaggerInn because the food and drinks are incredible. I will recommend the Topless Hot Chick or The Topless MooMoo to anyone and everyone but this is far and away Bin 612. In this case, you can believe everything you read on the internet because this is the real deal folks. The Bin’s world famous cheese fries are unmatched when it comes to late night food. A perfect way to end the Saturday.

Breakfast of Champions:

Breakfast just doesn’t get much better than Starkville Café. Starkville Café is perfect place to start your day, from killer omelets to delicious Breakfast Tacos, this place will give you breakfast that you can’t get anywhere else. If you want something sweet, a good runner-up would be Shipley’s Donuts... the donuts are perfect. You do-nut want to miss out on them. (I apologize in advance)

Shop ‘til you Drop:

Look, let me start off by saying Maroon and Co is incredible. I left this completely up to the voters on Twitter. The vote was 63% to 37% in favor of The Lodge. I can not say I disagree. With a huge variety of Mississippi State gear, including a massive wall of t-shirts, and great prices, The Lodge is your stop for all things maroon and white.

I hope that this helps you this fall and that all these places push your waist size up a notch. Happy football and happy eating! Hail State!

Want to discuss it? Follow me on twitter @_thealexgomez and let’s discuss. Thank you for reading and Hail State!